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Welcome Invitation
Dear Colleagues,

Once every 3 years, we gather together from all around the globe to celebrate what many people consider the preeminent event in esthetic dentistry, that by which all other symposia are measured: the International Symposium on Ceramics. In the glorious tradition of this symposium, we have put together an exciting and unique program that will educate and inspire you.

This meeting will focus on:


WHO: Some of the world’s most renowned masters of esthetic dentistry and dental technology. They have written the leading textbooks in the field, pushed the envelope by introducing new treatment concepts and unique techniques and technologies, and most importantly, mentored and inspired many in the field. This unique international group of speakers represents a wide spectrum of clinical and technical philosophies that are bound to be thought provoking and provide the clinician and technician with useful information.

WHAT: Our speakers will focus on two core themes.

1. What are the non-negotiable core beliefs that drive your treatment philosophy in various clinical situations? What is it that you look for from the initial stages of data collection to putting together a treatment plan, all the while having long-term success in mind?

2. What are the current and future techniques and technologies that allow one to achieve the ultimate outcome? The understanding of advantages and limitations of existing techniques and technologies will allow the clinician and technician to properly select and implement them in the treatment phase.

WHERE: Hollywood, the epicenter of glitz and glamour, has been a driving force in shaping and redefining the standards of beauty and esthetics for many decades. We have selected a beautiful venue in the heart of Southern California. From Rodeo Drive to the scenic Pacific Coast Highway and the endless beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu, you will find plenty of activities to choose from.

This memorable event will provide a unique opportunity to see what is possible. I hope you will join us.


Avishai Sadan, DmD
Program Chair

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