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Ceramics in Dentistry: Principles and Practice

J. Robert Kelly

This dramatic and living textbook changes the way clinicians can approach the science of ceramics. The author's straightforward approach is combined with an interactive visual program that features 3D models and embedded QR codes, which allow readers to link to video content and relevant websites. The author distills ceramic science to its essence, presents the relevant material characteristics, and addresses restorative concerns, including common fracture patterns for various sites, basic esthetic diagnostic information, and how to choose the best ceramic systems based on the clinical situation. In addition, he provides insight into the limitations of zirconia and zirconia-titanium implant abutments and demonstrates how to cut through manufacturer hype. This is the most fun you will have reading about ceramics.

Available Spring 2016

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Advanced Laser Surgery in Dentistry

Georgios E. Romanos

Lasers have become an integral part of surgical dental treatment in large part because they allow minimally invasive intervention with little pain and accelerated postoperative healing. This new book displays the current spectrum of advanced applications for surgical lasers in dentistry and showcases the medical benefits. Each surgical protocol is presented with clear case examples and practical tips. The author reviews the use of different wavelengths, the scientific principles behind the protocols, and the fundamental safety considerations to help the reader implement this technology in daily practice, avoid complications, and achieve excellent clinical results.

Laser-Tissue Interactions • Laser Systems • Laser Wound Healing • Oral Biopsies • Oral Surgical Procedures • Bone Surgery • Periodontology • Implant Dentistry • Photodynamic Therapy • Laser Safety

ISBN: 978-0-86715-659-1 (B6591); Expected early 2016.

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Piezoelectric Bone Surgery: A New Paradigm

Tomaso Vercellotti

This comprehensive and practical book introduces the fundamentals and practical elements of piezoelectric bone surgery as advanced by the author. The introductory chapters are dedicated to acquiring skills in ultrasonic techniques that enable operators to gain expertise. The clinical chapters outline the step-by-step protocol for piezoelectric surgery for the most essential techniques: surgical extraction, implant surgery, sinus elevation, bone grafting, ridge expansion, orthodontic microsurgery, and maxillofacial surgery. The reader will be amazed by the array of innovations that will revolutionize bone surgery.

The Concept • Cut Characteristics • The Technology • Manual Skills • Scientific Evidence • Clinical Piezosurgery • Extraction • Implant Treatment • Split Crest • Bone Grafting • Orthodontics • Maxillofacial Microsurgery • Wedge Implant

Expected Fall 2016

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Illustrated Guide to Injectable Fillers: Basics, Indications, Uses

Gerhard Sattler, and Uliana Gout

This reference book serves as a guide to performing facial implantation and augmentation with fillers. The authors demonstrate how to use injectable fillers to rejuvenate skin in the most common areas: face, neck, and back of the hands. The phases of treatment are presented in full, and case reports document the procedures used to address the mid face, periorbital region, nasolabial folds, lips, marionette lines, forehead, and chin. In addition, the properties and applications of different types of fillers are summarized in product charts.

192 pp; 375 illus; ISBN: 978-1-85097-251-6 (D2516); Expected early 2016.

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Aligner Orthodontics: Diagnostics, Biomechanics, Planning and Treatment

Werner Schupp and Julia Haubrich

This book presents useful tips and strategies on how to integrate the Invisalign system successfully into clinical practice. The authors review the diagnostic protocols and the biomechanics of aligners before presenting Invisalign treatment protocols. With the support of accompanying case documentation, discussion of each malocclusion includes information on the associated symptoms, the rationale behind the selected treatment approaches, and the various outcomes achieved. The last section of this book deals with the advantages of the Invisalign system and can help patients and clinicians in deciding whether this system can provide optimal treatment outcomes for a particular clinical situation. This is a practical manual for any clinician interested in the novel treatment modality of aligner orthodontics.

450 pp; 2,000 illus; ISBN: 978-1-85097-284-6 (B9084); Expected early 2016.

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3D Imaging in Dentistry: From Multiplanar Cephalometry to Virtual Implant Surgery Planning

Giovanna Perrotti, Tiziano Testori, and Massimiliano Politi

For those who are finding the transition from 2D radiography to 3D CBCT confusing, this text explains the use of volumetric imaging in clinical practice and details the indications for its use in every field of dentistry. Ample direction is given on proper image processing and how to read CBCT scans, including a comprehensive anatomical atlas. In addition, the authors explain how to compile volumetric 3D reconstructions and use them in computer simulation to plan surgical phases. The authors focus on topics of greatest clinical interest, including cephalometric diagnostics and a novel approach to esthetic analysis, analysis of the anatomical airway for sleep apnea, a comprehensive review of the maxillary sinus and the clinical surgeries related to it, and treatment planning for guided implant surgery.

560 pp; 1,277 illus; ISBN 978-88-7492-018-1 (B9527); Expected early 2016

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Dental Implant Prosthetics: A Patient-Oriented Strategy

Stefan Wolfart

Although literature on the surgical aspects of dental implantology is abundant, there has not been a comprehensive and systematic text to address implant-supported prosthetic rehabilitation -- the ultimate goal of almost all dental implant surgeries. Written by a team of renowned authors, this book satisfies that need in exemplary fashion. With more than 2,000 illustrations and a full complement of restorative algorithms, it offers coherent, evidence-based strategies for prosthetically driven implant surgery and custom esthetic restoration, from initial planning through prosthetic delivery and follow-up. In addition, key aspect sod interactions between the implant surgeon and the prosthodontist, the prosthodontist and the dental technician, and the patient and the treatment team are discussed in detail. This book is a must for all clinicians involved in implant restoration and is destined to become a standard reference work.

728 pp; 2,163 illus; ISBN: 978-1-85097-282-2 9B9086); Expected early 2016.

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Implants in the Esthetic Zone: A Step-by-Step Treatment Strategy

Ueli Grunder

Written by a highly respected and innovative surgeon, this book presents an unconventional implant treatment strategy for the esthetic restoration of anterior teeth that has proven effective over years of clinical experience. In addition to reviewing biologic principles, treatment planning, indications, esthetic analysis, and prosthetic options, the author focuses on factors such as gentle tooth extraction, precise implant positioning, criteria for one- and two-stage implant placement, and most importantly, a wide range of soft tissue management techniques in his approach. This book also presents techniques to improve the esthetic outcome of any dental implant therapy, regardless of treatment strategy. With more than 4,000 clinical images and illustrations of all procedures and techniques discussed, this tour de force by a leader in implant dentistry raises the reader's awareness of the high demands of implant dentistry and how clinicians can achieve optimal results.

728 pp; 4,000+ illus; ISBN 978-1-85097-283-9 (B9083); Available Fall 2015.

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Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry: Surgical Principles (Volume II)

Peter K. Moy, Patrick Palacci, Alessandro Pozzi, and John Beumer III

Since the concept of osseointegration was introduced to the dental community more than 35 years ago by Professor P-I Brεnemark, significant improvements have been achieved in patient evaluation, methods used to enhance the bone and soft tissues of potential implant sites, and surgical techniques to prepare the osteotomy sites and place the implants. In particular, CBCT scans and associated software planning programs now enable the implant team to analyze the bone sites in three dimensions in relation to the proposed contours of the implant-retained prosthesis; select implants of suitable diameter, length, and configuration; position them virtually in ideal locations; and fabricate surgical templates that enable surgeons to prepare the osteotomy sites and place the implants with great precision. These topics are thoroughly discussed from the perspective that an interdisciplinary approach will yield the most predictable outcomes for treatment of the dental implant patient. The authors address the sometimes controversial topic of immediate loading and provide useful insights regarding when this approach can achieve predictable outcomes and when it is to be avoided. The use of CAD/CAM technologies is emphasized throughout the text, and the latest developments and their use in this rapidly expanding arena are fully described.

ISBN: 978-0-86715-584-6 (B5846); Expected Fall 2016

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Shortcuts in Esthetic Dentistry

Ronald Hirata

This clinical text focuses on the difficulties of esthetic restorative dentistry with the aim of revealing simple and practical solutions to common questions and problems. Topics range from dental adhesives to dental implants, and the author reviews the relevant scientific literature for each section and then illustrates restorative procedures step by step with key clarifications for problem solving complex clinical situations. Restoration strategies include guidance on recontouring, stratification schemes, layering techniques, characterization, occlusal concepts, and more.

Expected 2016.

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Implant Therapy, Volume 2: Prosthetics and Maintenance Therapy

Mauro Merli

This second volume on integrated implant therapy provides in-depth analysis of the prosthetic rehabilitation of implant-supported restorations in complex clinical cases, including single-tooth, partially edentulous, and fully edentulous situations. The diagnostic process is examined from a prosthetic perspective and focuses on the use of digital methodologies for recording data for effective esthetic analysis and functional planning. The author discusses the management of biologic and biomechanical complications. Furthermore, this book includes a section on the role of the dental technician through each phase. The pertinent literature is cited throughout to provide the reader with further background awareness, and clinical cases demonstrate both surgical and prosthetic phases.


Esthetic Diagnosis • Functional Diagnosis • Recording and Transferring Diagnostic Data • The Prosthetic Rehabilitation Plan • Alternative Clinical Solutions • Sequencing the Integrated Treatment Plan • The Provisional Phase • Single-Tooth Rehabilitation • The Partially Edentulous Patient • Orthodontics • Maxillofacial Surgery • The Edentulous Patient • Biologic Complications • Biomechanical Complications • Maintenance of Peri-Implant Health

Expected 2016

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EndoProsthodontics: Guidelines for Clinical Practice

Maciej Zarow

Written by renowned international experts in the field of restoration of endodontically treated teeth, this book details the endodontic, restorative and esthetic principles of treating pulpless teeth. Topics include how to avoid fractures, endodontic retreatment versus extraction and implant placement, use of direct and indirect restoration, tooth whitening after endodontic treatment, use of fiber posts, treating sub gingival defects, and use of porcelain veneers versus ceramic crowns. The aim of the book is to provide substantive direction to guide practitioners in successful decision making. Each chapter includes detailed clinical cases, step-by-step descriptions of technical protocols, and practical tips for everyday use.

Expected 2016.

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Aesthetic Perio-Implantology

Julio Cesar Joly, Paulo Fernando Mesquita de Carvalho, and Robert Carvalho da Silva

The culmination of more than a decade of research and clinical application, this book presents an innovative approach to merging the concepts of esthetic periodontal and peri-implant reconstruction with restorative dentistry and prosthetic design. The authors of this interdisciplinary book provide comprehensive clinical protocols for sophisticated plastic and regenerative modalities that favor simplified techniques with proven results. Algorithms facilitate comprehensive treatment planning, and the extensive case studies demonstrate the technical details for treatment of every clinical situation discussed. This book balances the latest scientific support with accumulated clinical experience to provide the concepts, philosophy, and technical guidance to make esthetic treatment in peri-implant dentistry accessible and effective.

Expected 2016.

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Bioesthetics in Oral Rehabilitation: Science, Art, and Creativity

Loris Prosper

This book describes a methodology for creating biomimetic restorations that harmonize with the remaining natural teeth. The authors analyze the methodology for each phase of treatment, including the diagnosis and treatment planning, the stages of preparation and fabrication, and the cementation of the definitive restoration. All the essential components are covered, including occlusal analysis, soft tissue management, color selection, implant considerations, and guidelines for home maintenance. The merits of a multidisciplinary approach are shown within a functional esthetic paradigm in which the prosthodontist, surgeon, orthodontist, and dental technician work as a close-knit team to ensure a predictable and reproducible result.


Epidemiology • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning • Occlusion • Mucogingival Surgery and Pink Esthetics • The Dental Abutment • Provisional Restoration • Impression Taking • Implant Esthetics • Color • Maintenance of Fixed Prosthetic Restorations

Expected Summer 2016

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Clinical Photography in Dentistry: A New Perspective

Peter Sheridan

This book will help dentists appreciate the value and scope of digital photography in general dentistry and allow them to seamlessly incorporate the equipment and techniques into their general dental practice and workflow. Unlike many books on this subject, this one does not dwell on esthetics, cosmetics, or fashion images but regards photography as a tool to improve clinical records and communication. It will be of interest to dental students, general practitioners, and specialists alike.

Expected 2016.

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Anesthesia Considerations for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Matthew Mizukawa, Samuel McKenna, and Luis Vega

The role of the in-office anesthesia provider has become an integral part of the oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. This book expertly guides oral surgeons in the selection and administration of the safest possible office-based anesthetic. It serves as a quick yet comprehensive reference on how to interpret patient information, choose the appropriate anesthetic, and safely and effectively deliver it.

Expected 2016.

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Glossary of Preventive Dentistry and Periodontology CD-Rom

Edited by Niklaus P. Lang, Mariano Sanz, and William V. Giannobile

This electronic glossary, compiled by an international panel of experts in prevention and periodontology, contains more than 2,000 terms. The glossary offers straightforward definitions and pertinent scientific and clinical information about terms in the areas of anatomy and morphology, etiology, pathogenesis/immunology, peri-implant diseases, classification, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, radiology, nonsurgical therapy, surgery, reevaluation/maintenance, systemic manifestations/periodontal medicine, and clinical research/statistics. The glossary also features numerous photographs, illustrations, and tables to further elucidate the meanings of the entries. An exceptional resource for anyone needing to communicate in the clinical and scientific language of prevention and periodontology.

Expected 2016

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Cell-to-Cell Communication: Oral Health and General Health

Sψren Jepsen, Mariano Sanz, Bernd Stadlinger, and Hendrick Terheyden

This new installment in the Cell-to-Cell Communication series focuses on the associations linking periodontal and systemic health. The film shows the dissemination of bacteria in periodontitis, the impact of periodontitis on the cardiovascular system (atheroscleriosis), the effect of periodontitis on the metabolism (type 2 diabetes), and the effect of dental treatment.

Expected 2016.

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