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Practical Manual of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Surgery, Second Edition

Renata Cimões, Estela Santos Gusmão, Nikos Donos

The purpose of this book is to help clinicians understand the latest surgical periodontic protocols. This manual translates the complex execution of periodontal and peri-implant surgery into simple discourse, and the beautiful 3D illustrations clarify the critical technical details step by step. The result is a practical book that will enrich clinical practice and optimize patient treatment.

384 pp; 720 illus; ISBN 978-1-78698-002-1 (B9098)

Available November 2017
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Asymmetry and Function

Paul Saulue, Sandro Palla, Ambra Michelotti, Jean-François Laluque

A certain degree of craniofacial asymmetry is normal. But at what point does craniofacial asymmetry need to be considered for treatment? Analysis of craniofacial asymmetry, related TMDs, and the consequences of treatment are relatively unknown, and therapeutic approaches involve all areas of the maxillofacial region and many overlapping specialties: orthodontics, prosthodontics, orthognathic surgery, and esthetics. This monograph delves into the issues surrounding treatment of asymmetry, including treatment planning with a focus on the prognosis and the therapeutic principles in each of the functional rehabilitation specialties. The authors synthesize the current knowledge in research and clinical expertise to provide essential guidance for how to understand and manage asymmetry cases.

Expected 2017
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Bioaesthetics in Oral Rehabilitation

Loris Prosper

This book describes a methodology to ensure biomimetic restorations that are in harmony with the remaining natural dentition. All stages of the treatment process are covered, from diagnosis and the development of the treatment plan to cementation of the definitive restoration. Special emphasis is placed on the importance of a multidisciplinary approach.

ISBN 978-88-7492-039-6 (B9538)

Expected 2017

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Sliwowski Overdenture System (DVD-ROM)

Christoph T. Sliwowski

This DVD presents a restoration technique that stabilizes complete dentures on a prefabricated prosthetic bar supported by two implants. This approach allows for immediate prosthetics without the need for custom retention elements. Immediate loading is possible because the retention bar ensures primary stability and the locking mechanism eliminates unwanted retraction forces.

ISBN 978-3-86867-336-4 (C0706)

Expected 2017
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