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Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry, 2nd Edition

Pascal Magne, Urs Belser

The first edition of this book took the dental world by storm in 2002 and became one of the bestselling Quintessence books of all time. This new edition takes the science of esthetic dental reconstruction to a new level both clinically and academically, and it offers all that a clinician could wish for in terms of indications and the classic clinical steps for tooth preparation, laboratory and CAD/CAM procedures, adhesive luting procedures, and maintenance. But above all, what makes this book so unique is the biomimetic principle—as such, restoring or mimicking the biomechanical, structural, and esthetic integrity of teeth is paramount. The core of this book centers on the application of the biomimetic principle in the form of bonded restorations using composite resins and ceramics, covering indications, treatment planning, diagnosis, tooth preparation and impression, laboratory and CAD/CAM procedures, final delivery, follow-up, maintenance, and repair. Written by a true master and artist, this book will undoubtedly inspire excellence in anyone who picks it up. ISBN: 978-0-86715-572-3 Available Fall 2021
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Recipes for Composite Restorations

Ronaldo Hirata

Although many dental books have been called “cookbooks,” none has ever embraced the moniker so fully as this new book. In its pages, the practitioner is fully reimagined as a master chef, and his esthetic restorative protocols are gourmet recipes ready to be savored and learned. By focusing on mastering the basics and the skillful use of the right “ingredients” and tools, this tour de force will teach you how to take the heat and take your restorative protocols to the next level. ISBN: 978-1-64724-067-7
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Integrated Esthetics in Periodontics and Implantology

Fausto Frizzera; Jamil Awad Shibli; Elcio Marcantonio, Jr

Many books include an inherent bias: The authors specialize in a certain beloved technique and attempt to apply this technique to multiple clinical situations while glorifying the successes and dismissing the failures. Or it is written by researchers so wrapped up in science and academia that they forget what it really means to run a dental practice and deal with patients day-to-day. This book is different. The authors have many decades of both academic and clinical experience and have set out to produce a clear, impartial, and rational text to address new concepts and techniques that affect the daily clinical practice. Treatments (including their limitations) are described, including many controversial techniques and clinical issues not previously described in the literature. The chapter layout is presented logically and in sequence to address the different specialties in an organized and contextualized way. A comprehensive background is provided to allow readers to determine for themselves—rather than be told—how to best develop a sound clinical work.
Contents: Functional and Esthetic Planning • Gingival Sculpting • Root Coverage • Implant Treatment Planning • Alveolar Preservation • Implants in Alveolar Sockets • Immediate Loading • Management of Esthetic Failures • Longitudinal Follow-up • Prevention of Implant Failures
ISBN 978-1-78698-098-4
Available September 2021
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Quintessence of Dental Technology 2021

Sillas Duarte, Jr

In this beautifully produced annual publication, featured articles describe the digital alveolar support technique, digital impression strategies for more predictable final restorations, a modified All-on-4 concept that retains teeth for natural dentofacial esthetics, and a new crown-lengthening approach for optimal soft tissue healing. The Biomaterials Update explores gradient multilayered zirconia for expanding the indication of monolithic zirconia to the esthetic zone. Authors include: A. Acevedo • A. Aloum • G. Ávila-Ortiz • M.B. Blatz • L. Bocabella • A. Bologna • E. Clavijo • V. Clavijo • W. Clavijo • F. Cofar • A. Farah • I. Gamborena • O. Gonzalez-Martín • R. Laplana • M. Martín-Luque • M. Maurizi • P.F. Mesquita de Carvalho • I.C. Molina • M. Okawa • J.-H. Phark • R. Recena • Y. Sasaki • A. Shinya • E. Van Dooren • S. Yamamoto ISBN: 978-1-64724-069-1 Available Fall 2021
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30 Years of Guided Bone Regeneration, 3rd Edition

Daniel Buser

With each passing decade, more research is done on GBR, and more surgeons begin adopting this practice with incredible results. In this new edition, Daniel Buser has assembled a team of the top names in implant surgery to put together a comprehensive guide on the materials, indications, techniques, timing, and results of GBR. The book begins with the science of bone regeneration before delving into the different methods and uses of GBR based on the presenting scenario. Case examples are presented with photos and radiographs documenting each patient’s bone regeneration from start to finish. From those who want to begin offering implants to a wider range of patients to GBR veterans who want to refine their skills, this book is perfect for anyone who works with dental implants. ISBN: 978-0-86715-803-8 Available Fall 2021
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Autologous Blood Concentrate, 2nd Edition

Arun K. Garg

PRP has enormous potential in a dental clinic, and Dr Garg wants to make sure every clinician has access to information that is easy to digest and easy to apply. This book is thereby a roadmap to incorporating autologous blood concentrates into clinical practice. The early chapters focus on the biology of what goes on when blood is collected and centrifuged and reintroduced into wound sites as well as how to prepare the different formulations of autologous blood concentrates. The later chapters demonstrate how to use this material in implant surgery, soft and hard tissue healing, facial cosmetics, and other clinical applications to achieve superb outcomes. With a bonus chapter on phlebotomy, this book is the practical manual novices need and experienced clinicians value. ISBN: 978-1-86715-083-7 Available Fall 2021
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Bone and Soft Tissue Augmentation in Implantology, 2nd Edition

Fouad Khoury

This book is a must-read reference for every implantologist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and dentist interested in surgery. It addresses all the current methods of grafting procedures in implant treatment. In over 720 pages and 2,800 illustrations, the different possibilities available to augment the bone volume are presented, providing the surgeon with a basic understanding of bone and biologic procedures of bone transplantation. Extensive case reports with step-by-step documentation explain what is possible today in 3D alveolar crest reconstruction procedures. Important criteria for success are presented, as well as possible complications and their treatment. ISBN: 978-1-78698-104-2 Available Fall 2021
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