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Bleaching: Professional Tooth Whitening with Light (DVD-ROM)

Sader, Robert; Reusch, Dieter; Kann, Michael

Long-term tooth whitening is achievable when it is performed by trained dental staff, closely supervised by a knowledgeable dentist, and supported by good at-home oral care. This DVD is a great refresher for office staff. It presents the causes of tooth discoloration, explains the differences between cosmetic and medical tooth whitening, illustrates the physical principles through 3D animation, and visualizes the step-by-step workflow of a tooth whitening procedure. In addition, a team of experts provides answers on how to consistently achieve long-term success in tooth whitening and explores some of the associated risks. They also reflect on the current science as well as legal and economic considerations. The accompanying booklet outlines the materials used and includes a checklist of information to capture in patient medical and dental histories and the initial consultation.
21 min.; ISBN ISBN 978-3-86867-415-6
Expected Spring 2019
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Digital Workflow in Reconstructive Dentistry

Att, Wael; Witkowski, Siegbert; Strub, Jφrg R.

The aim of this book is to build a fundamental understanding of the general scientific and clinical principles of digital dentistry. The authors summarize the components of the digital workflow in reconstructive dentistry and discuss their advantages and disadvantages, from scanner types and radiographic imaging to CAD/CAM and virtual registration, mounting, and articulation. By reading this book, clinicians will enhance their knowledge about digital dentistry and identify opportunities to integrate the currently available technologies in their daily work. The book also provides insights on upcoming game-changing technologies and the future of digital technology in dentistry.
Intraoral Scanners • Laboratory Desktop Scanners • Optical Face Scanners • Digital Radiographic Imaging • Virtual Registration, Mounting, and Articulation • Digital Assessment Tools • Computer-Guided Implant Planning and Surgery • CAD/CAM Materials • Digital-Assisted Fabrication • Case Presentations • Future Perspectives

ISBN 978-1-78698-025-0
Expected September 2019
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Practical Manual of Periodontal and Peri-Implant Surgery, Second Edition

Renata Cimυes, Estela Santos Gusmγo, Nikos Donos

The purpose of this book is to help clinicians understand the latest surgical periodontic protocols. The authors provide a complete overview of the most essential information, including types of incisions and flaps, suture techniques, resection surgery, techniques for root coverage, correction of edentulous alveolar crests, vestibuloplasty, esthetic peri-implant plastic surgery, modalities for papillae formation, maxillary sinus floor elevation, and alveolar ridge preservation. This manual translates the complex execution of periodontal and peri-implant surgery into simple discourse, and the beautiful 3D illustrations clarify the critical technical details step by step. The result is a practical book that will enrich clinical practice and optimize patient treatment.
Incisions and Flaps in Periodontal and Peri-implant Surgery • Suture Techniques for Periodontal and Peri-implant Surgery • Resection Surgery • Use of Grafts for Root Covering • Surgical Techniques for Correcting Edentulous Alveolar Crest Defects • Surgeries for Vestibular Deepening • Preparation of the Peri-implant Tissues • Surgical Techniques for Reconstructions of Papillae • Maxillary Sinus Lift • Alveolar Ridge Preservation

384 pp; 720 illus; ISBN 978-1-78698-002-1 (B9098)

Expected November 2019
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Illustrated Guide to Collagen Induction with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Kolster, Bernard C.; Paasch, Uwe

This illustrated guide teaches practitioners how to perform PRP treatments in esthetic medicine. Striking photographic case histories demonstrate the possibilities and limitations of this method. Also included in this book are comprehensive templates for collecting patient information, documenting the treatment, and billing.

ISBN 978-1-78698-029-8
Available Spring 2019
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Laminate Veneer: 20 Recipes for Smile Design

Koubi, Stefen

While materials and techniques for creating beautiful indirect restorations are widely available, literature specifically applying these concepts to laminate veneers is lacking. This clinical handbook fills that gap by providing 20 simplified techniques that will enable dentists to obtain impressive results in every clinical situation using laminate veneers. Each technique is described step by step and beautifully illustrated, with digitally available clinical videos adding an interactive and engaging layer to the educational experience. All of the techniques in this book have three important things in common: they are feasible, they are teachable, and they are repeatable, making this book a practical and accessible guide for any clinician interested in providing minimally invasive esthetic treatment to their patients in the form of laminate veneers.
Basic Principles • The Ingredients • The No-Prep Approach • Design Failure • Black Holes and Diastemata • Veneers and Periodontal Recession • Dyschromia • Superwhite • Malpositions • Orthodontic Considerations • Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors • Mixed Restoration Veneer/Crown • Implant Considerations • Veneers and Wear • Digital Considerations

ISBN 978-2-36615-055-1
Expected Fall 2019
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ITI Treatment Guide, Vol 11; Digital Technologies for Oral Implantology

German Gallucci, Chris Evans, Ali Tahmaseb

This volume explores advancements of digital dental technology (DDT). The book begins by addressing the technology and tools necessary to incorporate DDT into a traditional workflow, along with the clinical steps required for data acquisition, such as imaging through CBCT, intraoral and extraoral scanning, and facial scanning. The software tools needed to interpret the digital data are also presented, and instructions on how to integrate data sets to virtually reconstruct the patient’s orofacial anatomy are given. This volume will help clinicians access the state of the art by evaluating current implant-prosthodontic protocols and identifying ways in which DDT can streamline workflows to achieve more predictable results.

Expected Summer 2019
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Piezoelectric Bone Surgery: A New Era

Vercellotti, Tomaso

This book from the inventor of Piezosurgery provides readers with the practical information necessary to integrate piezoelectric surgery into their practices to improve outcomes in oral surgery and dental implantology. Early chapters describe the clinical characteristics of piezoelectric cutting and the technology of ultrasonic devices, and a surgical skills chapter includes practical exercises to prepare readers for utilizing piezoelectric techniques. The clinical chapters focus on piezoelectric techniques for tooth extraction, implantology, sinus augmentation, bone grafting, and ridge expansion, guiding the reader through each technique with step-by-step protocols. Piezoelectric Bone Surgery: A New Era is an excellent reference for readers looking for a comprehensive introduction to piezoelectric surgery as well as experienced clinicians interested in perfecting these precise and minimally invasive techniques.
A New Era • Technologic Invention • Piezoelectric Cutting • Ultrasonic Devices • Surgical Skills • Scientific Research • Bone Classification • Dental Extraction • Implantology • Ultra-Osseointegration • Sinus Augmentation • Bone Grafting • Ridge Expansion

ISBN 978-0-86715-832-8
Expected Fall 2019
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