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Dental Meetings
Date Place Title
2015-05-29 Los Angeles, CA Osstem World Meeting 2015
2015-06-05 New York Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics Spring Meeting
2015-08-19 New York, NY AAD 2015 Summer Academy Meeting
2015-08-20 San Francisco, CA California Dental Association San Francisco 2015
2015-09-19 Atlantic City, NJ Lab Day East 2015
2015-10-09 Athens, Greece ITI Congress Greece & Cyprus
2015-10-10 Moscow, Russia ITI Congress Russia
2015-10-15 Dead Sea, Jordan ITI Congress Middle East
2015-10-23 Santiago de Chile, Chile ITI Congress Chile
2016-01-21 Las Vegas, NV NADL V21
2016-01-22 Palm Springs, CA AAO 2016 Winter Conference
2016-01-25 Hawaii 2016 Seattle Study Club Symposium
2016-01-27 Boston, MA Yankee Dental Congress
2016-02-18 San Diego, CA 2016 AO Annual Meeting
2016-02-25 Chicago, IL CDS 151st Midwinter Meeting
2016-03-04 Washington, DC AAD 74th Annual Meeting
2016-03-12 Denver, CO ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition
2016-03-16 Los Angeles, CA AADR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition
2016-03-29 Palm Springs, CA 98th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Prosthodontics
2016-04-15 Maastricht, The Netherlands ITI Congress Benelux
2016-04-15 Malmų, Sweden ITI Congress Norway & Sweden
2016-04-27 Toronto, Canada 32nd Annual AACD Scientific Session
2016-04-28 Chicago, IL ITI Congress North America
2016-04-28 Star of the North
2016-04-29 Orlando, FL AAO 2016 Annual Session
2016-05-02 Chicago, IL AAP Spring Conference
2016-05-12 Anaheim, CA California Dental Association Anaheim 2016
2016-05-27 Nyborg, Denmark ITI Congress Denmark
2016-06-10 Vienna, Austria ITI Congress Austria
2016-06-22 Seoul, South Korea IADR 94th General Session & Exhibition
2016-07-15 Pretoria, South Africa ITI Congress Southern Africa
2016-09-02 Melbourne, Australia ITI Congress Australasia
2016-09-08 San Francisco, CA California Dental Association San Francisco 2016
2016-09-09 Bali, Indonesia ITI South East Asia
2016-09-10 San Diego, CA AAP 102nd Annual Meeting
2016-09-16 Buenos Aires, Argentina ITI Argentina & Uruguay
2016-09-18 Las Vegas, NV AAOMS 98th Annual Meeting
2016-09-19 Atlantic City, NJ Lab Day East 2015
2016-10-05 San Diego, CA ACP 46th Annual Session
2016-10-15 Ankara, Turkey ITI Congress Turkey & Azerbaijan
2016-11-10 New Orleans, LA 2016 ASDS Annual Meeting
2016-11-27 New York Greater New York Dental Meeting
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