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Wenche S. Borgnakke

Donald M. Brunette

Robert J. Genco

Barbara L. Greenberg


Ira B. Lamster

Robert E. Marx

Panos N. Papapanou

Douglas E. Peterson

Frank A. Scannapieco

Maurizio Tonetti

Thomas E. Van Dyke

David T. Wong

Sook-Bin Woo

Michael Glick, DMD

Program Chair


Michael Glick, Program Chair



Dear Colleagues,


It is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend the 1st International Quintessence Symposium on Oral Health: The Oral-Systemic Connection in San Diego, February 7–8, 2014, at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. This unique gathering will bring together the most prominent clinicians and researchers in the field of the oral-systemic connection.


Over the past several decades, an impressive body of knowledge has accumulated about the impact of oral infections on overall health and well-being. Studies have found important associations that are now being evaluated for causative relationships. New information is being published at a rapid pace, and clinicians must sort through sometimes conflicting published findings.


This symposium provides an opportunity for participants to hear the latest scientific information on the associations between oral diseases and health and learn how to interpret claims made by scientists working on this subject.


I am confident that this symposium will bring clarity and understanding to a subject of utmost importance to all health care professionals. Not only will you benefit from the knowledge gained from the gathered experts, but you will also be able to apply this knowledge for the benefit of your patients.


I look forward to welcoming you to San Diego and the 1st International Quintessence Symposium on Oral Health: The Oral-Systemic Connection.



Michael Glick

Program Chair



Special Preorder Price!


The Oral-Systemic Health

Connection: A Guide to

Patient Care

Edited by Michael Glick


Written by distinguished experts in the fields of oral medicine, periodontology, epidemiology, and microbiology, The Oral-Systemic Health Connection: A Guide to Patient Care gathers the latest scienti c information on the associations between the oral environment and overall health. Topics include diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, pulmonary disease, in ammation, obesity, and complications of pregnancy. Other chapters focus on cutting-edge research into areas such as infectious disease screening, bioinformatics, targeted cancer therapies, and salivary diagnostics. This book will help readers to better understand current and future evidence on the associations between oral health and general health and enable readers to examine with a critical eye the claims made by scientists working on this subject. More importantly, readers will be able to apply this information clinically to guide treatment decisions and recommend preventive strategies, for the benefit of their patients.


312 pp; 117 illus (mostly color); ISBN 978-0-86715-650-8 (B6508); US $118