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Thursday, June 6
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Alessandro Agnini, DMD
From Single Restoration to Full-Arch Case Rehabilitation: How New Technologies and Materials Are Affecting the Treatment Plan Sequence

Andrea Agnini, DDS
From Single Restoration to Full-Arch Case Rehabilitation: How New Technologies and Materials Are Affecting the Treatment Plan Sequence

Naoki Aiba, CDT
DENTSCAPE: Shade Communication through Photography, Part 1: Concept and Technique
DENTSCAPE: Shade Communication through Photography. Clinical Applications

Edward P. Allen, DDS, PhD
Urban Legends, Folklore, Myths, Rumors, and Misinformation
Selecting the Optimal Grafting Procedure

Anas Aloum, BDS, FACP

Franecsco Amato, MD, DDS, PhD
New Treatment Strategies to Simplify the Management of Complex Cases: Clinical Application and Research Data

Maurício G. Araújo, DDS, MSC, PhD
Management of Extraction Sites

Zvi Artzi, DMD
From Immediate Implant Placement Postextraction to Functional Reconstruction: The Simultaneous Versus Gradual Approach

Leonardo Bacherini, DDS
Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedures: A Novel Approach for Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Steven Baerg, DMD
New Perspectives in Endodontics: Restoratively Driven Approaches

Harold S. Baumgarten, DMD
Factors for Influencing Treatment Options
Digital Workflows in Implant Dentistry

Panos Bazos, DDS

Renan Belli, DMD, MSc, PhD

Rafael Benoliel, BDS, LDS
Pathophysiology of Masticatory Myofascial Pain

Michael Bergler, MDT

Tord Berglundh, DDS, PhD
Peri-Implantitis—Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Treatment

Markus B. Blatz, DMD, PhD, Dr med dent habil
CAD/CAM in Esthetic Dentistry
Opening Remarks
Ceramics and Adhesion—An Evolution

Wenche S. Borgnakke, DDS, MPH, PhD
The Oral Microbiome and Systemic Health

Lorenzo Breschi, DDS, PhD
Long-Term Effectiveness of Bonded Restorations: A Guide to Successful Bonding

August Bruguera, CDT
Minimally and Noninvasive Approaches for Better Esthetic and Functional Outcomes

Donald M. Brunette, PhD
Causation, Correlation, Complexity, Confusion, and Oral Health

John O. Burgess, DDS, MS
Enamel Wear, Ceramics, Hybrid, and Resin Materials in 2015: An Update

Daniel Buser, PD, Dr med dent
Clinical and Radiographic Long-Term Stability of Contour Augmentation at Implants in the Esthetic Zone
Implant Therapy in Periodontally Noncompromised Patients: What Factors Are Important for Successful Long- Term Outcomes?

Gaetano Calesini, MD, DDS, CDT
Edentulous Site Enhancement: The Ultimate Peri-Implant Tissue Management

Paulo M. Camargo, DDS, MS, MBA
Preserving the Dimensions of the Alveolar Ridge: Scientific Evidence and Clinical Applications
The Current Status of Alveolar Socket Preservation

Daniele Cardaropoli, DDS
New Perspectives in Soft Tissue Management for Immediate Implants

Winston Chee, DDS
Risk Assessment: How to Prevent Catastrophic Failures

Gerard Chiche, DDS
Management of Risk Factors in Esthetic Rehabilitations
Opening Remarks
Management of Risk Factors in Comprehensive Esthetic Rehabilitations: A Checklist for Predictable Results

Stephen J. Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT
Prosthetic Strategies in Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Preservation
Demystifying Pink Esthetics in Oral Reconstructions: The Periodontal-Restorative Interrelationships
Prosthodontic Innovations in Soft Tissue Preservation Around Single-Tooth Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Victor Clavijo, DDS, MS, PhD
Taking Control on Challenging Esthetic Cases Using the Power Trio: Pink Ceramics, Implants, and Veneers

Donald S. Clem, DDS
The Expansion of Regeneration for Teeth and Dental Implants

Christian Coachman, CDT, DDS
Smile Design, Team Communication, and Patient Management: The Emotional Aspect of Restorative Dentistry
Emotional Dentistry and the Smile Designer, Part 1
Emotional Dentistry and the Smile Designer, Part 2
Virtual Planning: The Future Is Now!

David L. Cochran, DDS, MS, PhD, MMSC
What is the Best Growth Factor/Matrix Choice in the Clinic?

Lyndon Cooper, DDS, PhD
Data: The Building Block for Creating the Ideal Smile
Biology Versus Technology: Which Prevails at the Extraction Site?

Christer Dahlin, DDS, PhD
Alternative Mechanisms for Marginal Breakdown Around Oral Implants

Nicola De Angelis, DDS, DMSc
Hard & Soft Tissues Preservation Surrounding Dental Implants

Hugo De Bruyn, PhD
Creating Ideal Results in Compromised Situations

Remy de Leeuw, DDS, PhD, MPH
Management of Orofacial Neuropathic Pain

Sergio De Paoli, MD, DDS

Massimo De Sanctis, MD, DDS, MS
Treatment of Multiple Recession in the Esthetic Areas of the Mouth

Nicholas M. Dello Russo, DMD, MSCD

Michael Detamore, PhD
Tissue Engineering and the TMJ

Serge Dibart, DMD

Sillas Duarte, Jr, DDS, MS, PhD

Daniel Edelhoff, CDT, Dr Med Dent, PhD
Contemporary CAD/CAM in Daily Practice, Part 1: Materials Consideration, Case Selection, and Treatment-Planning Considerations
Contemporary CAD/CAM in Daily Practice, Part 2: Long-Term Success Considerations, from Youth to Maturity

Eli Eliav, DMD, MSc, PhD
Chronic Pain After Dental Procedures: Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Jonathan L. Ferencz, DDS
CAD/CAM Fixed Prosthodontics: Better Than Handmade?

Johan Figueira, DDS

Joseph P. Fiorellini, DMD, DMSc
Achieving “Definitive” Periodontal Disease Treatment in Patients with Diabetes
Emerging Technologies for Diagnosing Inflammatory Diseases: Are We There?

Mauro Fradeani, DMD
Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Compromised Dentition: The Balance Between Function, Esthetics, and Long-Term Results
Designing Anterior Restorations on Natural Teeth and Implants
A Step-by-Step Approach for a Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Rehabilitation
Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedures: Digital Versus Analog

Roland Frankenberger, DMD, PhD

Stuart J. Froum, DDS
Peri-Implantitis—What are the Options of Treatment?
Predictability and Advisability of Regenerative Therapy for Teeth with Severe Bone Loss
Treatment of Peri-Implantitis

Iñaki Gamborena, DMD, MSD, FID
Achieving Implant Success and Managing Failures in the Anterior Zone, Part 1
Achieving Implant Success and Managing Failures in the Anterior Zone, Part 2

David A. Garber, DMD
The Critical “Pink” Interface in Esthetic Dentistry—A Cross-Disciplinary Approach: Options, Limitations, and Solutions
The ‘Last’ Critical Pink Interface: Limitations, Options, Solutions

Robert J. Genco, DDS, PhD
The Association of Periodontal Disease and Diabetes

David Gerdolle, DDS, MS

William V. Giannobile, DDS, DMSc
Periodontal Bioengineering: How are Innovations Advancing Clinical Dentistry?
Personalized and Precision Periodontal Medicine

Michael Glick,
Oral Infections and Overall Health: An Emerging Scientific Journey

Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS

Steven B. Graff-Radford, DDS
Headache and TMDs

Barbara L. Greenberg, MSc, PhD
The Role of the Oral Health Care Professional in Overall Health and Well-Being

Charles S. Greene, DDS

Ueli Grunder, DMD
Augmentation: The Solution for Long-Term Soft Tissue and Bone Preservation for Compromised Extraction Sites in the Esthetic Zone
Augmentation: The Solution for Long-Term Soft Tissue and Bone Preservation for Compromised Extraction Sites in the Esthetic Zone

Petra Guess, DDS, Dr med dent, PhD

Galip Gürel, DDS, MSc
Ultimate Digital Communication Skills for Minimally Invasive Dentistry: Latest Updates on CAD/CAM Technology and Communication
Porcelain Laminate Veneers. Endless Possibilities, Part 1: Indications for a Single-Discipline Approach
Porcelain Laminate Veneers. Endless Possibilities, Part 2: Veneers in Multidisciplinary Rehabilitations
Reflecting Personality in Smile Design

Christoph H. F. Hämmerle, Dr med dent
How To Preserve the Ridge: A Key Question in Clinical Practice
Ridge Preservation: Emerging Concepts and Clinical Indications

Yiping W. Han, PhD

Naoki Hayashi, RDT
A Challenge to Natural Teeth: Hearing the Heartbeats Within, Part 1
A Challenge to Natural Teeth: Hearing the Heartbeats Within, Part 2
Energy Flow from Within

Gary M. Heir, DMD
Pharmacologic Management of TMD and Orofacial Pain

Richard Herman, DDS
Successful Long-Term Endodontics for the New Millennium

Ronaldo Hirata, DDS, MSC, PhD

Howard A. Israel, DDS
Management of Patients with Internal Derangements

Jim Janakievski, DDS, MSD
Autotransplantation of Premolars to Replace Traumatized Maxillary Incisors in the Growing Patient

Jaime Jimenez, DDS, PhD
Full-Arch Treatment Planning: What Can We Achieve with Digital Dentistry Today?

Sascha Jovanovic, DDS, MS
Soft Tissue Esthetics and Health with Dental Implants

Paulo Kano, DDS, MSD, CDT
Integrating Clinical and Laboratory Digital Dentistry: Predicting Success in the Virtual World

Matthias Kern, DMD, PhD, FADM
Anterior Tooth Replacement Concepts Revisited Using Esthetic and Minimally Invasive Approaches

David M. Kim, DDS, DMSc
Achieving Predictable and Successful Regenerative Outcomes with Innovative Biomaterials

Tae Kim, DDSc
3D Printing and CAD/CAM Complete Dentures: A Novel Approach for Predictable Dentures

Sidney Kina, DDS, MS
Clinical and Laboratory Considerations for Optimized Tooth Preparation Design in Adhesive Dentistry

Kent Knoernschild, DMD, MS
Occlusal Loading and Prosthetic Complications: Incidence, Rationale, and Resolution

Ira B. Lamster, DDS, MMSc
Obesity and Oral Health

Burton Langer, DMD, MSD
Horizontal and Vertical Expansion of Bone In Situ: Long-Term Results
Correction and Avoidance of Esthetic Disfigurements on Teeth and Implants

Laureen Langer, DDS
Esthetic Clinical Realities of Immediate Implant Placement: 20-Year Results
Sequential Implant Placement for the Failing Dentition: Transitioning Patients to Fully Implant-Supported Prostheses Over Time

Tore A. Larheim, DDS, PhD, Dr Odont
Advances in Diagnostic Imaging

Daniel M. Laskin, DDS, MS, DSc (Hon)

Gilles Lavigne, DMD, PhD
Sleep and Orofacial Pain

Richard J. Lazzara, DMD, MScD

Ernesto A. Lee, DMD
What Are the Best Clinical Practices for Integrating Implant Therapy in Smile Design?
High Smile Lines with Hard and Soft Tissue Defects: Contemporary Strategies for the Esthetic Implant Reconstruction of High-Risk Cases

Sonia S. Leziy, DDS
Site Development for Implant Placement: Concepts, Procedures, and Techniques
Predictability of Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning: Pursuing Long-Term Stability

Tomas Linkevi?ius, DDS, Dip Pros, PhD
Successful Management of Thin Soft Tissue Biotype

Michel Magne, BS, MDT

Pascal Magne, Dr med dent, PhD

William Maixner, DDS, PhD
Genetic Determinants of TMD and Orofacial Pain

Kenneth A. Malament, DDS, MScD
Integration of Esthetic Dentistry in Routine and Complex Prosthodontics
Integration of Esthetic Dentistry in Routine and Complex Prosthodontics

George A. Mandelaris, DDS, MS
Dentoalveolar and Alveoloskeletal Bone Engineering: Expanding the Limits and Reversing the Risks

Daniele Manfredini, DDS, PhD
Assessing the Use of Diagnostic Technology

Robert E. Marx, DDS
Ridge Augmentation Using In Situ Tissue Engineering
Osteoporosis: The Oral-Systemic Connection

Pamela K. McClain, DDS
Regenerative Therapy in Furcation Defects: Advances and Limitations
Factors Affecting Success in Periodontal Regeneration

Thomas J. McGarry, DDS

Adriana McGregor, DDS

Michael K. McGuire, DDS
Evidence-Based Alternatives for Autogenous Grafts: Outcomes, Attachment, and Stability
Evidence-Based Alternatives for Autogenous Grafts: Outcomes, Attachments, and Stability

Edward McLaren, DDS, MDC

Jürgen Mehrhof, MDT, MS
Implant Position: A Key Factor in Esthetic and Functional Success

Louis G. Mercuri, DDS, MS
Management of Patients with Degenerative Joint Disease

Mauro Merli, MD, DDS
Implant Therapy: The Integrated Treatment Plan
Bone Reconstruction and Soft Tissue Management in Complex Clinical Cases

Konrad H. Meyenberg, Dr med dent
Minimally Invasive All-Ceramic Techniques to Restore Discolored Anterior Teeth— A Contradiction?
PFM Restorations—A Relic from Another Era or Still the Standard? Clinical Considerations with Special Regard to Implant-Supported and Posterior Restorations

Brahm A. Miller, DDS, MSC, FRCD(C)
Immediate Implant Provisionals: Surgical and Restorative Considerations to Optimize Esthetic Outcomes

Craig M. Misch, DDS, MDS
Dental Implant Survival in Onlay Bone Grafts
Is the Implant-Supported Bar Overdenture Becoming an Extinct Modality?

Ricardo Mitrani, DDS, MSD
Restoring Form and Function in Complex Implant Rehabilitations, Part 1: Challenges and Considerations for the Replacement of Multiple Missing Teeth
Restoring Form and Function in Complex Implant Rehabilitations, Part 2: Design Considerations for Long-Term Success

Paulo Monteiro, DMD, MSc
Smile Rehabilitation with Composite Restorations

Tal Morr, DMD, MSD
Decision Making for the Esthetic Case with a Functional Component

Kevin Murphy, DDS, MS
SonicWeld: Ultrasonically Fabricated Barriers for Enhanced Outcomes in Guided Bone Regeneration
The Use of Ultrasonically Fabricated Barriers for Enhanced Outcomes in Guided Bone Regeneration

Daniel Nathanson, DMD, MSD

Jay M. Neugarten, DDS, MD
Rehabilitation of the Severely Compromised Maxilla: The Synergy of Prosthetics and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Providing Graftless and Grafting Solutions

Marc L. Nevins, DMD, MMSc
Laser-Assisted Microinvasive Versus Biomaterial Periodontal Regenerative Therapy
Minimally Invasive Esthetic Site Development with Growth Factors

Myron Nevins, DDS
Prognoses, Risk Factors, and Solutions for Periodontally Compromised Patients
Long-Term Observations of Periodontally Compromised Patients

Dorrit W. Nitzan, DMD
Lubrication of the TMJ

Steven Offenbacher, DDS, PhD, MMSc
Lessons Learned about “Definitive” Periodontal Disease Treatment from Human Clinical Trials

Richard Ohrbach, DDS, MS, PhD
Predicting Treatment Responsiveness in TMD and Orofacial Pain Patients

Jeffrey P. Okeson, DMD
Management of Patients with Masticatory Muscle Pain

Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS, MPH
Achieving Appropriate Periodontal Therapy in Women of Childbearing Age

Mutlu Özcan, DDS, Dr med dent, PhD

Daniel Paesani, DDS
Bruxism, TMD, and Orofacial Pain

Sandro Palla, DMD
Biomechanics and Mechanobiology of the TMJ

Panos N. Papapanou, DDS, PhD
Pregnancy Outcomes and Oral Infections

David W. Paquette, DMD, MPH, DMSc
Understanding the Nature and Treatment of Periodontal and Peri- Implant Disease
Past and Current Developments in the Nonsurgical Management of Periodontal Disease

Stephen M. Parel, DDS
Immediate Loading for the Edentulous and Failing Dentition Patient: Expanded Options and Profiling
20 Years with the All-on-4 Approach: What Is New?
20 Years with the All-on-4 Approach: What Is New?

Stefano Parma-Benfenati, MD, DDS, MScD
Peri-implantitis: Surgical Approaches to Its Management
Peri-Implantitis: Surgical Therapeutic Approaches Based on Peri-Implantitis Defects

Kirk L. Pasquinelli, DDS
Simultaneous Augmentation of Multiple Teeth with Autogenous Connective Tissue
Enhacing Esthetic Outcomes with Periodontal Plastic Surgery
Simultaneous Augmentation of Multiple Teeth with Autogenous Connective Tissue

Jorge Perdigão, DMD, MS, PhD

Douglas E. Peterson, DMD, PhD, FDS RCSEd
Oral Complications in the Immunocompromised Patient: The Oncology Prototype

Jin-Ho Phark, DDS, Dr med dent

Michael A. Pikos, DDS
Alveolar Ridge Regenerative Strategies: Autogenous Bone Versus Tissue Engineering
Regenerative Strategies for Alveolar Ridge Deficiencies: 2016

Alfonso Piñeyro, DDS
Cement-Induced Peri-Implantitis: Myth or Reality?

Richard Price, BDS, DDS, MS, FRCD(C), FDS (EDIN), PhD

Christopher Ramsey, DMD
Digital Dynamics in Dentistry

Giulio Rasperini, DDS
Biomaterials and Surgical Techniques in Periodontal Plastic Surgery
Surgical Approaches to Maximize Esthetic Periodontal Regenerative Outcomes

Mark A. Reynolds, DDS, PhD, MA
Regeneration of Hard and Soft Tissues: State of the Art and Future Directions

John L. Ricci, PhD
The Role of Laser Surface Modification in Establishing of a Connective Tissue Attachment at the Implant Surface

Giano Ricci, MD, DDS, MScD
Localized Ridge Augmentation and Leveling of Buccal and Interproximal Gingival Margins: The Ultimate Challenge for Optimal Esthetic Results
Advanced Periodontal Regeneration or Implant Therapy? An Everyday Dilemma

Andrea Ricci, DDS
Taking Implant Dentistry to the Next Level: Maintaining Complex Rehabilitations

Chris R. Richardson, DDS, MS

Isabella Rocchietta, DDS
Tissue Engineering: Can We Apply It Clinically?
Building Bone Without Bone: Is It Reality?

Giuseppe Romeo, MDT, CDT

Louis F. Rose, DDS, MD

Paul S. Rosen, DMD, MS
Incorporating “Definitive” Periodontal Disease and Peri-Implant Disease Treatment into Daily Practice
Incorporating Technologic Advances in Inflammatory Disease Management for Clinical Practice

Jean-François Roulet, DDS, Dr med dent, PhD

Avishai Sadan, DMD, MBA
Opening Remarks

Alireza Sadr, DDS, PhD

Irena Sailer, Dr med dent
The Virtual Patient—The Actual Status of Digital Planning Tools

Henry Salama, DMD
Treatment Planning 2015 and Beyond: Choices, Options, and Solutions for Complex Esthetic Challenges

Maurice Salama, DMD
Treatment Planning 2015 and Beyond: Choices, Options, and Solutions for Complex Esthetic Challenges
The Central-Lateral Replacement Dilemma in Esthetic Implant Dentistry: Clinical Alternatives and Case Management

Neimar Sartori, DDS, MS, PhD

David M. Sarver, DMD, MS
Global Assessment and Treatment in Dentofacial Esthetics
Orthodontics Has Changed: What That Really Means for the Dental Team

Takeshi Sasaki, DDS
Comprehensive Treatment for Periodontally Compromised Cases: Three Key Concepts for Preserving Teeth and Ensuring Their Longevity
Coexistence of Natural Teeth and Implants in Periodontally Compromised Patients

Frank A. Scannapieco, DDS
Links between the Oral Microbiota and Pulmonary Disease

E. Todd Scheyer, DDS, MS
Evidence-Based Material Selection for Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration

Peter Schuepbach, PhD, NATSC
The Clinical Efficacy of Implant Surfaces: Dreams and Reality

Anthony G. Sclar, DMD
All-on-4 Solution for Full-Arch Immediate Function Procedures: Case Selection Criteria, Diagnostically Driven Treatment Planning, and Surgical and Prosthodontic Treatment Protocols for Success

Oswaldo Scopin de Andrade, DDS, MS, PhD
Seeing is Believing—Adhesive Rehabilitations Planned, Delivered, and Analyzed Using Advanced Microscopy Techniques
Maximizing Esthetic Treatment Options with Minimally Invasive Restorations

Barry J. Sessle, MDS, PhD, DSc (Hon), FRSC, FCAHS
Sensory Mechanisms of TMD and Orofacial Pain

Claude Sieber, MDT

Nelson R.F.A. Silva, DDS, MS, PhD

Massimo Simion, MD, DDS
The Clinical Use of Biomaterials and Growth Factors in Hard and Soft Tissue Management
Esthetic Considerations and New Developments over the Last 25 Years

Myron Spector, PhD

Roberto Spreafico, DM, DMD
New Trends on Posterior Composite Restorations: The Key for Success

Boudewijn Stegenga, DMD, PhD
Unifying Concepts of TMJ Osteoarthritis

Jörg R. Strub, dds, dr med dent habil, dr hc
Digital Workflow in Reconstructive Dentistry
Digital Dental Medicine

Masana Suzuki, DDS
Microscopic Approaches for Root Coverage: Long-Term Observation of Recipient Sites of Connective Tissue Grafts

Junji Tagami, DDS, PhD

Dennis P. Tarnow, DDS
Immediate Versus Delayed Socket Placement: What We Know, What We Think We Know, and What We Don’t Know
When to Extract a Tooth and Place an Implant in the Compromised Periodontal Patient
Treating Esthetic Defects Around Implants and Teeth

Franklin Tay, BDSC, PhD

Thomas D. Taylor, DDS, MSD
Ceramic Failure in Implant-Supported Restorations: Etiology and Management

Douglas A. Terry, DDS

Tiziano Testori, MD, DDS
Immediate Loading Protocols: Limitations and Complications
Maxillary Sinus Elevation: The Lateral Approach Revisited
Severely Resorbed Mandibles and Maxillae: Whether or Not to Augment

Carlo Tinti, MD, DDS
Peri-implantitis: Surgical Approaches to Its Management
Peri-Implantitis: Surgical Therapeutic Approaches Based on Peri-Implantitis Defects

Leo Tjäderhane, DDS, PhD

Maurizio S. Tonetti, DMD, PhD, MMSC, FRCPS, FRCS(ENG)
Achieving “Definitive” Periodontal Disease Treatment in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
The Cardiovascular System and Oral Infections

R. Gilbert Triplett, DDS, PhD

István Urbán, DMD, MD, PhD
New Perspectives of Vertical and Horizontal Augmentation
New Perspectives on Vertical and Horizontal Augmentation

Francesca Vailati, MD, DDS, MSD
Full-Mouth and Complex Adhesive Rehabilitations: A Departure from Traditional Designs

Eric Van Dooren, DDS
Combined Team Approaches to Esthetic Challenges, Part 1: Rehabilitation of Mild to Moderate Anterior Defects
Combined Team Approaches to Esthetic Challenges, Part 2: Rehabilitation of Advanced Anterior Defects

Thomas E. Van Dyke, DDS, PhD
The Role of Inflammation in Oral-Systemic Interactions

Bart Van Meerbeek, DDS, PhD

Diego Velásquez, DDS, MSD
Biomaterial and Barrier Membrane Selection for Predictable Tissue and Bone Regeneration

Antheunis Versluis, PhD

Stephen S. Wallace, DDS
Sinus Elevation: Maximizing Outcomes Through Biomaterial Selection and Surgical Innovations
Advances in Maxillary Sinus Grafting

Hom-Lay Wang, DDS, MSD, PhD
Implant Positioning for Long-Term Stability

Georg Watzek, MD, DDS, PhD
Facilitated Replacement of Molars with Implants in Anatomically Compromised Sites

Hans-Peter Weber, DMD, Dr med dent
Late Implant Failures? Causes and Courses of Action
Preventing Peri-Implantitis: Establishing Long-Term Peri-Implant Health

Paul Weigl, DDS

Arnold S. Weisgold, DDS

M. Thomas Wilcko, DMD
Periodontally Enhanced Orthodontics: A New Frontier

Ray C. Williams, DDS

Robert R. Winter, DDS
The Correlation Between Tooth Preparation, Restorative Material Selection, Function, and Esthetic Success
Creating Enduring Ceramic Restorations: Four Important Aspects to Consider

Robert R. Winter, DDS

Roger J. Wise, DDS
Adult Orthodontics: The Practical Approach
Orthodontics for the Periodontally Compromised Patient

David T. Wong, DMD
Salivary Biomarkers for Oral and Systemic Diseases

Sook-Bin Woo, DMD, MMSc
Oral Manifestations of Systemic Diseases

Atsuhiko Yamamoto, DDS, PhD
Predictable Treatment of Peri-implantitis Using Erbium Laser Micro-Explosion
Predictable Treatment of Peri-Implantitis Using Er:YAG Laser–Water Spray Micro-Explosions

Aki Yoshida, RDT
Mastering Shade Matching: Transfer of Color Readings and Images to Tooth Color Reproduction on the All-Ceramic Restoration

Naoto Yuasa, RDT
Porcelain Build-Up Techniques and Important Principles for Anterior Restorations: Internal Stain Techniques and Applications to Achieve a Natural Look

Ion Zabalegui, MD, DDS
Enhancing Clinical Outcomes in Esthetic Sites

Giovanni Zucchelli, DDS, PhD
Root Coverage Beyond Esthetics

Otto Zuhr, DDS, Dr med dent
Management of Extraction Sockets—Scientific Data and Their Clinical Relevance
Surgery Without Papilla Incision: Tunneling Flap Procedures in Plastic Periodontal and Implant Surgery