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Thursday, June 6
Friday, June 7
Saturday, June 8
Sunday, June 9


Sessions for Thursday, June 6

Session I: The Next Generation of Implant Dentistry

Richard J. Lazzara (Moderator)
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Grand Ballroom (Salon E, F)

Implant dentistry is dynamic and always evolving. This program will present new research, technologies, and practical experiences employed in the implant practice. The panel will discuss the next generation of implant dentistry in surgical, restorative, and regenerative therapies. Participants should gain knowledge in treatment planning and management of compromised sites, as well as advanced technologies for efficient, effective, and esthetic patient outcomes.

• Understand clinical and technologic advancements to accelerate patient rehabilitation.
• Understand the outcomes of immediately loaded implants in the full arch under compromised conditions.
• Be able to recognize the benefits of immediate versus delayed socket management.

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Session II: Strategic Regeneration: Biomaterial Selection and Surgical Techniques

Myron Spector (Moderator)
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Grand Ballroom (Salon G-K)

The continued emergence of biomaterials and biologics has resulted in an enhanced capability of surgical success and patient benefits. This program will consider several regenerative approaches to save teeth, to reverse recession, and to enhance the zone of keratinized tissue and site preparation for implant placement. Subjects to be considered include the treatment of extraction wounds, periodontal plastic surgery, localized ridge enhancement, and the sinus elevation procedure. The focus of the presentation will be a take-home message to augment your surgical armamentarium.

• Identify the limitations of regenerative materials.
• Investigate the value of tissue engineering for localized edentulous ridge augmentation.
• Learn to use alternative surgical techniques

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Session III: Defining and Implementing “Definitive” Periodontal and Peri-Implant Treatment in Specific Patient Groups: Critical Advances for the Practicing Clinician

Ray C. Williams (Moderator)
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Grand Ballroom (Salon A-D)

The role of the practicing clinician in ensuring each patient’s overall long-term health and well-being has become increasingly critical in the last decade. With the explosion of emerging evidence for an oral health–total health connection, dentists and hygienists are seeking new and innovative strategies for ensuring a patient’s long-term health through optimal “definitive” treatment approaches.

This symposium brings together a group of international experts who individually and collectively are leaders in the management of periodontal and peri-implant disease. Drawing on the lessons learned from “intervention” trials in distinct patient populations, the speakers will examine approaches for treating periodontal disease in specific patient groups such as individuals with diabetes. The speakers will teach us that treatment of periodontal disease is not the same in each patient group or in each patient. The speakers will also define for us what constitutes “definitive” treatment of disease and how to optimally achieve it.

• Understand the new concept of periodontal disease and periimplant disease as primarily inflammatory diseases initiated by an infectious burden.
• Understand the pitfalls in treating specific patient groups and the need to “tailor” specific treatment strategies for these groups.
• Understand strategies for ensuring the “definitive” treatment of patients who have dental implants.
• Understand how to incorporate new treatment strategies for specific patient groups into everyday practice.

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Special Workshop: Alveolar Ridge Regenerative Strategies: Titanium and SonicWeld Mesh with BMP-2 and Particulate Allograft

Michael A. Pikos (Moderator)
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Simmons Room

All-day hands-on workshop by Michael A. Pikos

Mesh particulate grafting must be integrated into treatment planning by today’s implant surgeon to effectively treat patients with compromised alveolar ridges. This clinically based hands-on technique course will draw on the speaker’s 30 years of experience with bone grafting. The indications, contraindications, and surgical protocol for titanium and Poly-DL lactide (SonicWeld) mesh with BMP-2 and particulate allograft for alveolar ridge augmentation will be featured with step-by-step, hands-on surgical protocols. Flap design and soft tissue management will be reviewed along with comprehensive site development evaluation, including the use of cone beam computed tomography and detailed clinical examination. Recognition, management, and prevention of complications associated with mesh/BMP-2 particulate grafting will be covered.

• Understand the indications for mesh/BMP-2 particulate grafting for alveolar ridge augmentation
• Appreciate the importance of site development for mesh/BMP-2 particulate grafting
• Understand and apply the surgical protocol for utilization of mesh/BMP-2 particulate grafting for alveolar ridge augmentation
• Recognize, manage, and prevent complications associated with mesh/BMP-2 particulate grafting

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