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Poster Presentations

The poster presentations will be held in front of the Grand Ballroom, located on the 4th floor, from Thursday, June 6, through Saturday, June 8. Winners will be announced during the Welcome Reception on Friday evening in the Grand Ballroom.



Cash awards of $1,500, $1,000, and $500 will be given to the first-, second-, and third-place winners, respectively. In addition, each award winner will receive a recognition plaque and refund of their symposium registration fee.

No. 1K. J. Zeren
Timonium, Maryland

Utilization of bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) in large uncontained molar extraction sockets with immediate implant

No. 2A. Fateh, D. M. Kim, M. L. Nevins, Z. Lin, S-W. Kim, P. Schüpbach, M. Nevins
Boston, Massachusetts

The clinical and histologic outcome of dental implants in large ridge defects regenerated with alloplast: A randomized controlled preclinical trial

No. 3M. S. Al-Shabeeb, M. Al-Askar, A. Al-Rasheed, N. Babay, F. Javed, H-L. Wang, K. Al-Hezaimi
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Alveolar bone remodeling around immediate implants placed in accordance with the extraction socket classification: A threedimensional microcomputed tomography analysis

No. 4A. Al-Jadaa, T. Attin, P. R. Schmidlin
Zurich, Switzerland

The seal is the deal: Gas-enhanced leakage testing (GELT) for implants

No. 5D. Choi
Churcheon, Korea

Study on the advantages of immediate loading implants

No. 6R. Al-Sadhan, M. Al-Qutub, E. Z. Alabdeen, A. Almasoud, K. Alqahtani, M. Aldossri
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Accuracy and reliability of cone-beam computed tomography for measuring buccal and lingual periodontal alveolar bone levels

No. 7L. Amorfini, M. Migliorati, A. Signori, A.S. Biavati, S. Benedicenti
Gallarate, Italy

Outcomes of flapless post-extractive implant with or without soft tissue augmentation: A 3-year randomized clinical trial

No. 8G. Avila-Ortiz, J. Rodriguez, I. Rudek, E. Benavides, H. Rios, P. Galindo- Moreno, H-L. Wang
Iowa City, Iowa; Ann Arbor, Michigan; & Granada, Spain

Effectiveness of three different alveolar ridge preservation techniques: A pilot randomized controlled trial

No. 9S. H. Jun
Seoul, South Korea

In vivo measurements of human gingival translucency parameters

No. 10T. Yoshino, A. Yamamoto, Y. Ono
Yokohama, Japan

Innovative regeneration technology to solve peri-implantitis by erbium (Er:YAG) laser based on the microbiological diagnosis

No. 11J. T. Marchesan, R. Sheridan, N. Inohara, C. Fenno, J. Kinney, T. Morelli, E. Somers, W. Marder, E. Easter, V. Rodrigues, W. V. Giannobile
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Circulatory microbial components and immune regulators of patients with periodontal disease

No. 12J-T. Lee, I-S. Yeo, T-K. Kwon, H-J. Lee, P-Y. Yun, Y-J. Yi
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, & Seoul, South Korea

Histomorphometrical analysis between bioactive fluoride modified and bioinert anodically oxidized implant surfaces in early bone response using rabbit tibia model

No. 13A. Kasaj
Mainz, Germany

Application of a new porcine acellular dermal matrix using the tunnel technique in the treatment of gingival recession

No. 14J. Chao
Alhambra, California

A novel, scalpel-free, suture-free approach to root coverage: The pinhole surgical technique

No. 15K. Makigusa, I. Toda, D. Ehara, K. Yasuda, F. Suwa
Kyoto, Japan

Effects of platform switching on the microvasculature of the biologic width around implants

No. 16F. Guerrero Del Angel, M. De La Rosa, H. J. Tellez, A. C. Brambila, P. A. Cervantes
Madero, Mexico

Alveolar ridge reconstruction with allograft postextraction vertically and horizontally for placement of dental implants: 50 cases reported

No. 17A. L. Rodriguez, F. Guerrero Del Angel, H. J. Tellez, R. P. Oliver
Madero, Mexico

Efficacy of collagen polyvinylpyrrolidone sponge in extraction sockets for implant therapy

No. 18J. E. Rao, L. Barallat, C. Barragán, S. Domínguez, S. San Martín, B. Paniagua, L. Jané, R. Asensio, J. Nart, V. R. Magaz
Barcelona, Spain

Atraumatic alternative to second phase implant surgery: A novel approach

No. 19P. Simeone, M. De Paoli, R. Slavicek
Rome, Italy, & Vienna, Austria

Lithium-disilicate full mouth rehabilitation of severe bruxism: A contemporary minimally invasive prosthetic approach

No. 20H. S. Baumgarten, A. M. Meltzer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, & Voorhees, New Jersey

Dynamic loading fluid leakage characterization of CAD/CAM abutments

No. 21H. Saito, S. J. Chu, D. P. Tarnow
Baltimore, Maryland, & New York, New York

The dual-zone socket management for immediate implant placement in anterior extraction sockets: Bucco-lingual ridge contour changes and peri-implant soft tissue adhesion: A preliminary result

No. 22H. G. Dam, Y. Ogata, H-P. Weber
Boston, Massachusetts

A multidisciplinary approach to the functional and esthetic full-mouth reconstruction of amelogenesis imperfecta: A case report

No. 23S. Culshaw, J. Butcher, D. Lappin, J. Oliver-Bell, J. Malcolm, P. Garside, I. McInnes
Glasgow, Scotland

Periodontal disease and rheumatoid arthritis

No. 24Y. C. P. Yu, W. T. Hong, S-C. Cho, S. Froum, S. Engebretson
New York, New York

Fabrication of a chair-side fixed provisional restoration for occlusal re-establishment of worn implant hybrid restorations: A case series

No. 25M. H. Aldoukhi, F. Dunca, S-C. Cho, S. Froum, S. Engebretson
New York, New York

New surgical protocol to regenerate interimplant papilla: A retrospective study

No. 26A. D. Vrochari, A. Petropoulou, V. Chronopoulos, O. Polydorou, W. Massey, E. Hellwig
Queensland, Australia; Athens, Greece; & Freiburg, Germany

Evaluation of surface roughness of ceramic and resin composite material used for conservative indirect restorations, after polishing by intraoral means, using a laser profilometer

No. 27C-J. Chen, K. Lal, P. Papaspyridakos
Tainan, Taiwan, & New York, New York

Zirconia implant fixed complete dental prostheses: Clinical outcomes and complications after 5 years

No. 28J-H. Lee, S-H. Bae, J-Y. Lee, S-J. Kim, J. Choi
Pusan, South Korea

Establishment of esthetics in maxillary anterior region by forced eruption of teeth with altered passive eruption

No. 29M. Padial-Molina, S. L. Volk, J. C. Rodriguez, H. F. Rios
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Periostin: A promising matricellular molecule in periodontal regeneration

No. 30C. Montoya
Santiago, Chile

Integration testing in a prospective, randomized-controlled clinical study of multi-topography surfaced implants in early loading cases