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Thursday, June 6
Friday, June 7
Saturday, June 8
Sunday, June 9

Session III: Immediate Loading: When and Where for Whom?

Immediate Loading Protocols: Limitations and Complications

Tiziano Testori
Sunday, June 9
8:15 am - 9:00 am
Grand Ballroom (Salon A-E)

The ultimate goal of an immediate loading protocol is to reduce the number of surgical interventions and shorten the time frame between surgery and prosthetic delivery, all without sacrificing implant success rates. These new protocols will ultimately lessen patientsí reservations and result in increased acceptance of implant therapy. The lecture will address a variety of topics related to immediate loading in different clinical situations, including completely edentulous arches or single-tooth to multiple-tooth implant units in partially edentulous patients. Complications and limitations of this procedure will also be addressed. Participants will learn the predictable clinical indications and contraindications to immediate loading, a correct diagnostic phase to reduce failures, and the step-by-step surgical/prosthetic procedures for totally and partially edentulous patients.

Tiziano Testori, MD, DDS, received his MD, DDS, and specialist degree in orthodontics from the University of Milan in Italy, where he is currently head of the Section of Implant Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation at the School of Dentistry. He is also a visiting professor at the New York University College of Dentistry. Dr Testori is a past president of the Italian Society of Oral Surgery and Implantology and a referee for oral surgery and implant dentistry for the Italian Committee of the Health Ministry for CE programs. He is an active member of the European Board of Oral Surgery and a member of the editorial boards for the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants (JOMI), Practical Procedures & Aesthetic Dentistry, and the European Journal of Oral Implantology. He is also the co-editor of the books Maxillary Sinus Surgery and Alternative Therapies (Quintessence, 2009) and Immediate Loading: A New Era in Oral Implantology (Quintessence, 2011). Dr Testori has published over 200 scientific articles in Italian and international journals and is the recipient of the William R. Laney Award for the best article published in JOMI.