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Thursday, June 6
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Sunday, June 9

Session II: Novel Advances and Rationale for Implant Success

Predictable Treatment of Peri-implantitis Using Erbium Laser Micro-Explosion

Atsuhiko Yamamoto
Sunday, June 9
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
Grand Ballroom (Salon F)

With the rapid advancement of implant dentistry in recent years, many complications have been reported; one of the most serious and frequent of these complications is peri-implantitis. Numerous articles have discussed risk factors of peri-implantitis as well as ideas to prevent it; however, a predictable therapy has not yet been developed. Over the years, research has suggested that rough implant surfaces improve osseointegration. This roughness, however, also provides a favorable medium for harboring bacteria once the surface is exposed to the oral environment. When grafting at an implant site after bone resorption, it is extremely difficult to disinfect the surface, thus reducing the chances of a successful grafting procedure. In order to regain the osseointegration, the contaminated surface must be completely removed. The Er:YAG laser is the only known equipment to allow this to be accomplished. This presentation reports on a revolutionary and predictable therapy for peri-implantitis using the erbium laser, which irradiates the implant surface. Accompanied with water micro-explosions, the erbium laser decontaminates the rough titanium oxide surface of the implant without causing a harmful increase in temperature. Animal research has proved its efficacy in restoring osseointegration. In addition, clinical cases of peri-implantitis will be presented that show evidence of favorable bone regeneration around the implant body due to this innovative and predictable therapy.

Atsuhiko Yamamoto, DDS, PhD, is the president of the Perio-Implant Hospital AUTIS in Osaka, Japan, and a lecturer for the Japan Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. He is the director of the Japan Society for Laser Dentistry and an active member of the American Academy of Periodontology and the Academy of Osseointegration.