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The Role of the Oral Health Care Professional in Overall Health and Well-Being

Barbara L. Greenberg
Friday, February 7
8:45 am - 9:30 am

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The role of prevention and the integration of health care providers across disciplines is a critical component of the recent health care reform era. Early identification of individuals at increased risk of developing diseases of increasing significance, such as coronary heart disease and diabetes mellitus, through point-of-care testing in a dental setting could be a significant component of any prevention-oriented health care initiative. Early detection and, consequently, intervention could prevent the onset or control the severity of disease and improve health care delivery. Involving oral health care professionals in strategies to identify individuals at increased risk for coronary heart disease and diabetes can be an effective means of expanding preventive efforts aimed at slowing the development of these diseases and provide a portal into the general health care system for individuals who are not routinely engaged with a primary care provider. This session will provide updated information on the epidemiology of the diseases, recommended and validated available diagnostic screening tests, use of the screening tests, interpretation of the test results, and approaches to discussing test results with patients and making referrals to a physician.

Barbara L. Greenberg, MSc, PhD,