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Surgical Complications in Oral Implantology: Etiology, Prevention, and Management
Author(s)/Editors(s): Al-Faraje, Louie

Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy for Oral Implantology
Author(s)/Editors(s): Al-Faraje, Louie

The Alexander Discipline, Volume 2: Long-Term Stability
Author(s)/Editors(s): Alexander, R.G. “Wick”

The 20 Principles of the Alexander Discipline, Volume 1
Author(s)/Editors(s): Alexander, R.G. “Wick”

Practical Lessons in Endodontic Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Arens, Donald E.; Gluskin, Alan H.; Peters, Christine I.; Peters, Ove A.

Contemporary Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth: Evidence-Based Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Author(s)/Editors(s): Baba, Nadim Z. (editor)

Early-Age Orthodontic Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Bahreman, Aliakbar

Critical Thinking: Understanding and Evaluating Dental Research, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Brunette, Donald Maxwell

ITI Treatment Guide, Vol 1: Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone for Single-Tooth Replacements
Author(s)/Editors(s): Buser, Daniel; Belser, Urs; Wismeijer, Daniel

ITI Treatment Guide, Vol 3: Implant Placement in Post-Extraction Sites—Treatment Options
Author(s)/Editors(s): Buser, Daniel; Wismeijer, Daniel; Belser, Urs

Tobacco and Your Oral Health
Author(s)/Editors(s): Christen, Arden G. and Klein, Jennifer A.

Fundamentals of Color: Shade Matching and Communication in Esthetic Dentistry, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Chu, Stephen J.; Devigus, Alessandro; Paravina, Rade; Mieleszko, Adam Out of Print, eBook Available

The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Dawson, Anthony and Chen, Stephen (editors)

Orofacial Pain: Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Management, Fifth Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): de Leeuw, Reny and Klasser, Gary D. (editors)

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2012: Vol 35
Author(s)/Editors(s): Duarte, Sillas Jr. (editor)

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2010: Vol 33
Author(s)/Editors(s): Duarte, Sillas Jr. (editor)

Out of print, eBook Only

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2011: Vol 34
Author(s)/Editors(s): Duarte, Sillas Jr. (editor) Out of print, eBook Only

Implant Overdentures: The Standard of Care for Edentulous Patients
Author(s)/Editors(s): Feine, Jocelyne S.; Carlsson, Gunnar E.

Atlas of Human Fetal Jaw Development (iBook only)
Author(s)/Editors(s): Freilich, Lawrence and Hunt, David eBook only

The Long Climb: From Barber-Surgeons to Doctors of Dental Surgery
Author(s)/Editors(s): Garant, Philias R.

Oral Cells and Tissues
Author(s)/Editors(s): Garant, Philias R.

Out of print, eBook Available

Bone Biology, Harvesting, and Grafting For Dental Implants: Rationale and Clinical Applications
Author(s)/Editors(s): Garg, Arun K.

The Oral-Systemic Health Connection: A Guide to Patient Care
Author(s)/Editors(s): Glick, Michael (editor)

Treatment of TMDs: Bridging the Gap Between Advances in Research and Clinical Patient Management
Author(s)/Editors(s): Greene, Charles S. and Laskin, Daniel M. (editors)

Seltzer and Bender’s Dental Pulp, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Hargreaves, Kenneth M.; Goodis, Harold E.; Tay , Franklin (editors)

Tooth Whitening: Indications and Outcomes of Nightguard Vital Bleaching
Author(s)/Editors(s): Haywood, Van B.

Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry: A Contemporary Approach, Fourth Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Hilton, Thomas J.; Ferracane, Jack L., and Broome, James (editors)

The Osteoperiosteal Flap: A Simplified Approach to Alveolar Bone Reconstruction
Author(s)/Editors(s): Jensen, Ole T. (editor)

Dentistry with a Vision: Building a Rewarding Practice and a Balanced Life
Author(s)/Editors(s): Kendall, Gerald I. and Wadhwa, Gary S.

Orthodontic and Surgical Management of Impacted Teeth
Author(s)/Editors(s): Kokich, Vincent G. and Mathews, David P.

Clinical Success in Surgical and Orthodontic Treatment of Impacted Teeth
Author(s)/Editors(s): Korbendau, Jean-Marie and Patti, Antonio

Glossary of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants (Book/CD-ROM set)
Author(s)/Editors(s): Laney, William R. (Editor-In-Chief)

Clinician’s Handbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Author(s)/Editors(s): Laskin, Daniel M. (editor)

Sleep Medicine for Dentists: A Practical Overview
Author(s)/Editors(s): Lavigne, Gilles J.; Cistulli, Peter A.; Smith, Michael T. (editors) Out of Print, eBook Available

The Complete Denture: A Clinical Pathway, Second Edition

iBook, order through iTunes

Author(s)/Editors(s): MacEntee, Michael I. eBook Only

Oral and Intravenous Bisphosphonate–Induced Osteonecrosis of the Jaws: History, Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Marx, Robert E.

Atlas of Cone Beam Imaging for Dental Applications, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Miles, Dale A.

Evidence-Based Clinical Orthodontics
Author(s)/Editors(s): Miles, Peter G.; Rinchuse, Daniel J. and Rinchuse, Donald J.

Manual of Wire Bending Techniques
Author(s)/Editors(s): Nakajima, Eiichiro

Biomechanics in Orthodontics: Principles and Practice
Author(s)/Editors(s): Nanda, Ram S. and Tosun, Yahya S. Out of Print, eBook Available

Introduction to Metal-Ceramic Technology, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Naylor, W. Patrick Out of Print

Bell’s Oral and Facial Pain (Formerly Bell's Orofacial Pain), Seventh Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Okeson, Jeffrey P.

Dental Practice: Get in the Game
Author(s)/Editors(s): Okuji, Michael M. (editor)

Dental Materials and Their Selection, Fourth Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): O’Brien, William J. (editor) eBook Only

Stewart’s Clinical Removable Partial Prosthodontics, Fourth Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Phoenix, Rodney D.; Cagna, David R.; DeFreest, Charles F.

Successful Local Anesthesia for Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics
Author(s)/Editors(s): Reader, Alfred / Nusstein, John / Drum, Melissa

Essentials of Orthognathic Surgery, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Reyneke, Johan P.

Lab Manual of Normal Oral Histology
Author(s)/Editors(s): Riviere, Holliston L.

Fundamentals of Esthetics
Author(s)/Editors(s): Rufenacht, Claude R. Out of print, eBook Only

Ethical Questions in Dentistry, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Rule, James T. and Veatch, Robert M.

Orofacial Pain: From Basic Science to Clinical Management, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sessle, Barry J.; Lavigne, Gilles J.; Lund, James P.; Dubner, Ronald (editors) Out of print, eBook Only

Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics, Fourth Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Shillingburg, Herbert T., Jr.; Sather, David A.; Wilson, Edwin L., Jr.; Cain, Joseph R.; Mitchell, Donald L.; Blanco, Luis J.; and Kessler, James C.

Periodontal Review: A Study Guide
Author(s)/Editors(s): Termeie, Deborah Out of Print, eBook Available

Smile! Your Guide to Esthetic Dental Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Terry, Douglas A.

What’s in Your Mouth? Your Guide to a Lifelong Smile
Author(s)/Editors(s): Terry, Douglas A.

What’s in Your Mouth? What’s in Your Child’s Mouth?
Author(s)/Editors(s): Terry, Douglas A.

Inflammation: A Review of the Process, Fifth Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Trowbridge, Henry O. and Emling, Robert C.

Development of the Human Dentition (iBook)
Author(s)/Editors(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M.

Orthodontics with Fixed Appliances, Volume 6
Author(s)/Editors(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M.

Practical Dentofacial Orthopedics, Volume 5
Author(s)/Editors(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M.

Development of the Dentition, Volume 1
Author(s)/Editors(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M.

Facial Growth and Facial Orthopedics, Volume 2
Author(s)/Editors(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M.

Problems and Procedures in Dentofacial Orthopedics, Volume 4
Author(s)/Editors(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M.

Applied Occlusion, Second Edition (Book/DVD Set)
Author(s)/Editors(s): Wassell, Robert; Naru, Amar; Steele, Jimmy; Nohl, Francis

ITI Treatment Guide, Vol 4: Loading Protocols in Implant Dentistry: Edentulous Patients
Author(s)/Editors(s): Wismeijer, Daniel; Buser, Daniel; Belser, Urs

ITI Treatment Guide, Vol 2: Loading Protocols in Implant Dentistry—Partially Dentate Patients
Author(s)/Editors(s): Wismeijer, Daniel; Buser, Daniel; Belser, Urs

Tough Questions, Great Answers: Responding to Patient Concerns About Today's Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Wright, Robin Out of print, eBook Only

Color Atlas Basic Technique for Metal Ceramics: An Intro to Ceramic Technique
Author(s)/Editors(s): Yamamoto, Makoto

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