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Dynamics of Orthodontics

Dynamics of Orthodontics is an interactive multimedia series that enables users to pursue a flexible, individualized program in the study of orthodontics. Consisting of several discrete components, the series uses advanced multimedia technology to demonstrate dynamic biologic processes that until now could only be conceptualized. The series is designed for students and experts alike, with the ultimate objective of promoting better patient care.

*** To download a demo, click here: Dynamics of Orthodontics Demos

Vol 1a: Multilingual Glossary of Orthodontic Terms

Vol 2a: Facial Growth

Vol 2b: Facial Orthopedics

Vol 5: Facial Growth, Dentition, and Function

Book/CD-ROM Set: Dynamics of Orthodontics
Vol 1: Glossary of Orthodontic Terms

DVD: Vol 3a: Normal Development of the Dentition
Vol 3b: Malocclusions and Interventions
DVD: Dynamics of Orthodontics
Vol 4: Orofacial Functions
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