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The Magical Tooth Fairies: A Series by Henry Olberg (Set of 3 Books)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Olberg, Henry

Special! $ 5.00

Stock #: M5679

Categories: Pediatric Dentistry

Buy all 3 titles together for $30

Surely you've heard that tooth fairies collect baby teeth from under children's pillows and leave a coin in return. But have you ever wondered what the fairies do with those teeth? Find out in the Magical Tooth Fairies series, as Lynn, Leo Lino, Basta, and Professor discover the magic found in baby teeth and demonstrate the importance of keeping teeth clean and healthy. Follow the tooth fairies in their adventures all over the world as they help children and battle the evil McCavity. Based on a popular cartoon, each book in this series comes with a DVD of the corresponding episode, simultaneously entertaining and educating children on the importance of brushing their teeth.

38 pp each (hardcover)

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