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The Essence of Form (ISC 08 DVD)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Nishimura, Yoshimi

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© 2008

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Patients today are changing their association of white teeth with esthetics and demanding a more natural appearance of the teeth and periodontal tissues. As a result, dental technicians must master techniques and knowledge on general prosthodontics, including occlusion and periodontal considerations, in addition to conventional laboratory procedures. This presents a significant challenge to dental technicians, who study natural tooth morphology to learn the correct expression of form, but sometimes rely too much on subjective feeling or imitation. This presentation organizes morphologic expressions scientifically and explains them theoretically. It is possible to fabricate an esthetic and functional restoration that fulfills the periodontal requirements and has a good long-term prognosis. This lecture focuses on the essence of form that should be expressed in a prosthesis and explains the important points for expression in daily practice.

Yoshimi Nishimura, CDT, maintans his own laboratory, Dental Creation Art, Inc, in Osaka, Japan. He also serves as a technical instructor for the Society of Japan Clinical Dentistry Osaka Ceramic Training Center and is a certified instructor of the Japan Dental Technology Association. He lectures extensively in Japan and is the coauthor of Nature’s Morphology (Quintessence, 2002).

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