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The Art of Harmony (ISC 08 2008)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Rutten, Luc and Rutten, Patrick - Not Available

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© 2008

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We have undergone a paradigm shift. In previous years, we dealt primarily with technical details, using craftsmanship as the focus. Today, our perspective has changed. The esthetic demands of the patient guide our actions, and we have to satisfy these demands. The true challenge is not in ceramic layering, but in bringing “pink” and “white” esthetics into harmony. The more we understand about this subject, the more we appreciate the close relationship between esthetics and function. The gingiva-supporting formation of pontics and the contouring of soft tissue by the controlled shaping of partial denture elements are only a few examples of these high demands placed on modern dental technology. In this context, metal-free restorations are becoming increasingly important, and modern CAD/CAM technology is finally able to ensure consistent quality and precision of metal-free restorations.

Luc Rutten, MDT, and Patrick Rutten, MDT, maintain their own dental laboratory, the Dental Labo Rutten, in Tessenderlo, Belgium, and are instructors at the Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy in San Francisco, California. In 1991, the Rutten brothers published their first article in Das Dental Labor; it was translated in three languages. They have also written two books, Implant Aesthetics and Crown & Bridge and Implants: The Art of Harmony (Teamwork Media Verlage GmbH/Fuchstal/German). They are members of the International Advisory Board of Dental Dialogue (North America and Germany) and Teamwork (Germany). The Rutten brothers have given lectures, table clinics, and courses on ceramic restorations, esthetics, and implantology throughout the world.

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