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Catastrophic Failures in the Esthetic Zone (ISPRD 2010 DVD)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Wheeler, Stephen L.

Price: $ 68.00

Stock #: C5152

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There has been an unfortunate increase in catastrophic implant failures as more dentists without adequate surgical training place implants. Any complication involving the hard and soft tissues around an implant in the esthetic zone can be a catastrophic complication, but what do we do to reconstruct a site after implant or graft failure when all of the hard and soft tissues in an area have been lost? This presentation will discuss the difficulties associated with restoring such areas and how to prevent these failures from happening again.

Stephen L. Wheeler, DDS, received his postgraduate and residency training at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Dr Wheeler has placed more than 6,000 implants of various types on patients of all ages and has become an international lecturer on the subject. Dr Wheeler has helped to pioneer many of the newest bone and soft tissue grafting techniques and has been involved in the prototype development of several implant modalities as well as protocol studies for both implant system and grafting techniques. Dr Wheeler is a member of numerous professional organizations and a fellow of the Academy of Osseointegration and the American Society of Osseointegration. He is on the board of the Academy of Osseointegration as well as the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness and presently serves as the chair for the Committee on International Relations for the Academy of Osseointegration. He has authored numerous articles for both national and international journals on dental implants and grafting techniques.

Approximate Running Time: 30 minutes


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