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The Extraction Socket as an Implant Site: Biologic Events and Clinical Implications (ISPRD 2010 DVD)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Weber, Hans-Peter

Price: $ 68.00

Stock #: C5145

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The timing of implant placement and restoration after tooth extraction remains a topic of controversy. The healing responses of peri-implant hard and soft tissues after injury caused by extraction, implant placement, and the effects of (immediate) loading are only partially understood. Results from clinical studies and case reports vary, and no randomized controlled clinical trials have objectively assessed treatment results (success) or patient-centered outcomes for various treatment protocols or procedures. Operator experience and patient factors, especially local risk factors in the esthetic zone, make the outcomes of certain treatment approaches less predictable and more difficult to generalize. This presentation will assess the scientific and clinical evidence and make practical recommendations regarding implant placement and restoration protocols for extraction sites in the esthetic zone.

Hans-Peter Weber, DMD, is the Raymond J. and Elva Pomfret Nagle Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he serves as chair of the Department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials Sciences. His current work consists of clinical research, teaching, and intramural practice of all phases of implant dentistry as well as prosthodontics. He has published numerous articles and book chapters, and he lectures nationally and internationally. He is co-editor of Clinical Oral Implants Research and serves on the review boards of several other dental journals.

Approximate Running Time: 60 minutes


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