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Achievement and Limitation in Implant Surgery: Microscope-Enhanced Approach (ISPRD 2010 DVD)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Katsuyama, Hideaki

Price: $ 68.00

Stock #: C5123

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Surgical aspects are key to achieving long-term predictable esthetic results with dental implants. Without appropriate surgical results, an optimal esthetic outcome will not be achieved. However, optimistic, aggressive surgical approaches often end in vain and may create more compromised situations. Recent advances in esthetic implant treatment are supported by extensive scientific evidence and mid- to long-term clinical results. In this course, our mid- to long-term results will be addressed to determine if our hypotheses were correct. In addition, recently developed methods to overcome various anatomically compromised situations with innovative surgical infra­structure will be addressed. Presurgical detailed analyses with cone beam computed tomography are a prerequisite for the treatment of compromised situations. Furthermore, the recent introduction of a surgical microscope for implant surgery has enhanced esthetic results and improved the soft tissue environment. However, some clinical situations are still esthetically unpredictable because of severe anatomical problems. The current limitations of our treatment goals will be shown and discussed to guide participants in appropriate treatment planning and selection of surgical procedures.

Hideaki Katsuyama, DDS, PhD, received his dental degree and doctorate in oral and maxillofacial surgery from Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. He is co-director of the Center of Implant Dentistry in Japan. He also serves as visiting professor at Kyung Hee University, Korea, and visiting lecturer at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tsurumi, Japan.

Approximate Running Time: 60 minutes


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