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Sleep Apnea: Treatment of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders in Dentistry (DVD)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Bußmeier, Uwe / Fremder, Uwe / Langenhan, Jürgen

Price: $ 178.00

Stock #: C3005

Categories: Dental Technology, Multidisciplinary

© 2011

Sleep apnea affects millions of people worldwide, yet according to current estimates, only 5% of cases are diagnosed and treated. Treatment of sleep apnea requires interdisciplinary cooperation between sleep medicine specialists, dentists, and dental technicians. This three-part DVD provides a complete guide to treating the two main causative bite relationships associated with sleep apnea—the edge-to-edge bite and the deep bite. A mandibular advancement device will not solve the problem in every case, but it does help many patients improve their quality of life and prevent serious complications of the disease. Successful treatment of sleep apnea requires the systematic teamwork of specialists in all three specialty fields and a sound knowledge of the disease.

Format: NTSC DVD

ISBN 978-3-938947-85-2, 9783938947852

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