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Quintessence Digital Journal (Issue #3)


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Taking advantage of the outstanding training value of live-action video, the new quintessence digital journal presents advanced clinical procedures performed live by world-class clinicians. Each DVD contains 3 or 4 video series, each on a different dental-related topic (restorative, surgical, implant, etc). Available by subscription or as a single issue, this quarterly journal enables firsthand observation of how experienced practitioners manage every step—including unexpected problems—of common clinical procedures performed in real time and on actual patients. Nothing facilitates learning so well as viewing procedures as they are performed by expert clinicians and listening as they explain the decision making that guides them. The new qdj introduces a new era in the way advanced clinical procedures are taught.

Vol 1, No. 3: Innovative Methods for Tooth Conservation

Internal Bleaching—8 min
by A. M. Kielbassa
Internal bleaching of discolored, root-treated teeth
Filling of the cavity with bleaching material

Maxillary Anterior Restorations Using a Composite Layering Technique—54 min
by D. Dietschi
Shade selection
Silicone index
Cavity preparation
Beveling of cavity margins
Adhesive procedures
Application of palatal enamel
Dentin buildup
Application of effect materials
Matrix placement
Application of buccal and proximal enamel
Final correcting and polishing

Rubber Dam: A Practical Exercise—15 min
by P. Lambrechts
Demonstration of rubber dam application

Individual price: US $128
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Also available as a subscription.

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