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Dynamics of Orthodontics
Vol 5: Facial Growth, Dentition, and Function

Author(s)/Editor(s): Proffit, William R. / van der Linden, Frans P. G. M. / McNamara, James A. / Radlanski, Ralf J. / Pancherz, Hans

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Categories: Orthodontics, Reference

© 2006

This final volume in the Dynamics of Orthodontics series reviews all the subjects previously featured in volumes 2 to 4. For each volume, 30 interactive questions have been formulated to test and evaluate the user’s understanding of key concepts. Immediate feedback is provided, including a detailed explanation of why the user’s response is right or wrong and an indication of sections that require further study. Hundreds of images and video clips are shown to reinforce in the user's mind the developmental stages and anatomic structures described in previous volumes in the series. When combined with the other components in the series, this volume serves as an excellent self-guided study and evaluation tool. Produced in all six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese).

DVD-ROM; Windows 2000 or XP

To download a demo, click here: Facial Growth, Dentition, and Function Preview

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