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Dynamics of Orthodontics
Vol 2a: Facial Growth

Author(s)/Editor(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M.; McNamara, James; Radlanski, Ralf J.

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Understanding the factors that determine growth patterns and the causes of variation in facial growth is essential to the practice of clinical orthodontics. Beginning in the seventh week of embryonic development, this volume presents the biologic factors that influence the growth of the craniofacial complex, including odontogenesis and skeletal development. Special attention is given to the role of functional components in skeletal development. Features more than 250 pictures and 12 videos grouped in 6 chapters together with written and spoken text that can be reproduced in six different languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese). The final chapter contains 3D animations of embryonic development that can be freely rotated and magnified.

DVD-ROM; Windows 2000 or XP

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