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Dynamics of Orthodontics, Volume 2b: Facial Orthopedics

Author(s)/Editor(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M.; McNamara, James; Pancherz, Hans; Proffit, William R.

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Categories: Orthodontics

© 2005

Methods of influencing facial growth through facial orthopedics are demonstrated, including explanations of their modes of action and their long-term effects. Facial orthopedics has the potential to improve functional conditions, promote a more favorable jaw relationship, guide the development of the dentition, and improve the position of malaligned teeth. Multiple clinical examples, including several short video clips, demonstrate how and when to treat as well as the outcome of various facial-orthopedic procedures. All of the written and spoken text can be reproduced in six different languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese).

30 minutes

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