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World of Anterior Ceramic Restorations

Author(s)/Editor(s): Koh, Yeojoon

Price: $ 120.00

Stock #: BC997

Categories: Esthetic Dentistry

© 2012

This beautifully designed and visually stunning clinical atlas offers myriad clinical situations in which anterior ceramic restorations can be used to correct esthetic problems. Each section presents one case that focuses on a distinct set of esthetic and dental conditions that necessitate restoration, such as fracture, crowding, rotation, asymmetry, discoloration, contour, caries, or implant considerations, among others. The case presentation begins by showing the definitive esthetic result alongside a succinct, multilingual (English, German, Japanese, and Korean) description of the initial conditions and the procedure used. Then follow the clinical images illustrating the procedure, step-by-step. With its inviting presentation and its emphasized visual component, this book is intended as a communication tool between the dentist, the ceramist, and the patient: It functions as a guide to various approaches for the dentist, a tool for understanding tooth shape and conditions for the ceramist, and a preview of the esthetic result for the patient. Because communication and cooperation between these three parties are essential for a successful esthetic outcome, this book is an indispensable resource for any esthetic dentist.

216 pp; 614 color illus;
ISBN 978-89-5741-207-7


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