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Promoting the Oral Health of Children: Theory and Practice, Second Edition

Author(s)/Editor(s): Sheiham, Aubrey; Moysés, Samuel Jorge; Watt, Richard G.; Bönecker, Marcelo

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Categories: Pediatric Dentistry, Public Health

© 2014

This new edition advocates for a paradigm shift in which dental and primary health care professionals work together in promoting the oral health of pediatric patients. Written by experts in dental public health and pediatric dentistry, it positions the subject of children's oral health within the broader discourse of general health promotion and presents practical strategies for prevention of common dental problems among children, including dental caries, periodontal disease, traumatic dental injury, and malocclusion. It also profiles community health concerns that influence pediatric oral health, such as environmental and social factors, habit development, and nutrition and diet.

ISBN:978-85-7889-037-7, 9788578890377
450 pp; 121 illus

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