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Osteology Guidelines for Oral and Maxillofacial Regeneration: Preclinical Models for Translational Research

Author(s)/Editor(s): Giannobile, William V. and Nevins, Myron (editors)

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Categories: Reference, Periodontics, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Implant Dentistry

© 2011

The goal of clinical investigation in oral and maxillofacial regeneration is to determine the safety and efficacy of new biologics for the benefit of patients, which requires that researchers select appropriate animal models and corresponding experimental designs to enable the next steps toward human investigation. This book guides researchers in creating protocols that lead to meaningful outcomes. Written by a distinguished coterie of contributors with experience in preclinical trials, chapters outline how to create workable protocols, gain maximum information from preclinical investigations, and avoid common early career errors. Covered topics include research in soft and hard tissue, osseointegrated implants, periodontal regeneration, ridge preservation, horizontal and vertical ridge expansion, and augmentation of the sinus floor. Biomaterials used for regenerative efforts include osteoconductive products as well as tissue engineering. This text is an essential reference for researchers in every discipline of dentistry.


1. Preclinical Model Development for the Reconstruction of Oral, Periodontal, and Craniofacial Defects—W.V. Giannobile, D. Kaigler, and M. Nevins
2. Ethical Considerations for Performing Research in Animals—A. Bachmann
3. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in Nonclinical Investigations—B. Schmid
4. Research Design and Biostatistical Considerations in Preclinical Research—T.M. Braun
5. Screening Models for Tissue Engineering—M. Spector, K. Al-Hezaimi, and M.L. Nevins
6. Soft Tissue Regeneration—D.S. Thoma, R.E. Jung, and C.H.F. Hämmerle
7. Preclinical Protocols for Periodontal Regeneration—H.F. Rios and W.V. Giannobile
8. Osseointegration of Implants—C. Dahlin and C.B. Johansson
9. Ridge Preservation—M.G. Araújo, C.O. Silva, and J.C. Mesti
10. Horizontal Ridge Augmentation—M.M. Bornstein, D.D. Bosshardt, T. von Arx, and D. Buser
11. Vertical Ridge Augmentation—I. Rocchietta, D.M. Kim, K. Al-Hezaimi, and M. Simion
12. Sinus Floor Augmentation—K.A. Schlegel, R. Lutz, and F. Wehrhan
13. Peri-implantitis Defect Model—F. Schwarz, M. Sager, and J. Becker
14. Compromised Bone Healing: Implantation Model—R. Gruber, S. Tangl, and U. Kuchler

256 pp; 260 illus (mostly color) ISBN 978-1-85097-211-2

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