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Veneer Visions / Vistas de Carillas

Author(s)/Editor(s): di Lorenzen, Oliver Reichert

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Categories: Esthetic Dentistry, Dental Technology

© 2009


Dental esthetics is about much more than simply optimizing the dentition. The state-of-the art veneer procedures described in this atlas require neither reduction of tooth structure nor administration of anesthetic; the perfect smile can be delivered to patients in one painless appointment. This innovative technique of veneer fabrication challenges conventional methods of restoration and is tailored to meet the demands of cosmetic dentistry patients. Moreover, use of a wax-up/mock-up allows patients to experience the dramatic transformation for themselves by wearing the proposed smile makeover before committing to treatment. Abundant full-color before-and-after cases demonstrate the use of no-prep veneers alone and in combination with other fixed prostheses and present the esthetic possibilities of this revolutionary method. A dual English/Spanish language book.

La estética dental es mucho mas que una simple optimización de los dientes. La totalidad de las carillas que se muestran en este libro, no requieren de una preparación previa de los dientes. Se colocan por medio de un procedimiento exento de dolor, sin necesidad de reducción de la estructura dental y sin anestesis. Descubra cómo hacer carillas que dejarán a sus pacientes con la boca abierta. Libro bilingüe Inglés / Español

120 pp; 300 color illus

ISBN 978-1-85097-200-6, 9781850972006


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