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The Paranasal Sinuses of Higher Primates: Development, Function, and Evolution

Author(s)/Editor(s): Koppe, Thomas; Nagai, Hiroshi; Alt, Kurt W.

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Categories: Orthodontics, Multidisciplinary

© 2002

This volume focuses on the variation in skull pneumatization in^anthropoid primates. The authors begin with an overview of phylogeny of skull pneumatization in vertebrates, and then focus on the growth, morphology, physiology, and evolutionary history of the paranasal sinuses of primates. Selected themes on the craniofacial morphology of humans and higher primates are also covered. Research on these key structures may provide new insight into primate evolution as well as useful information for clinicians who work with the variety of bony and mucosal structures of the paranasal sinuses.

260pp: 107 illus (34 in color)

ISBN: 0-86715-899-6
978-0-86715-359-0 , 9780867153590

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