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Breath Malodor: A Step-by-Step Approach

Author(s)/Editor(s): van Steenberghe, Daniel

Price: $ 48.00

Stock #: B8833

Categories: Oral Medicine, Dental Hygiene, Periodontics, Oral Pathology

This nicely illustrated pocket guide focuses on the differential diagnosis of breath malodor, also known as halitosis. It provides indications for the step-by-step clinical examination of patients affected by this condition. Since most causes of breath malodor are intraoral, this pocket guide is particularly useful for dentists and periodontists. However, general medical practitioners, ENT specialists, gastroenterologists, and psychiatrists will be interested in the sections on postnasal drip, regurgitation esophagitis, liver insufficiency, imaginary bad breath, etc. Practical therapeutic guidelines are provided on the use of mouthwashes, tongue scrapers, and dentifrices.

ISBN: 1-85097-104-7

95 pp; 40 color illus

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