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Experience Is the Best Teacher: Manual of Dental Hygiene

Author(s)/Editor(s): Botticelli, Antonella Tani

Price: $ 69.50

Stock #: B8820

Categories: Dental Hygiene

© 2001

Patient motivation and communication are key elements in achieving high levels of oral health in your patients. However, these skills cannot be taught in the classroom, but must be acquired through clinical experience. This easy-to-read, comprehensive manual written by an experienced dental hygienist and educator offers techniques for communicating with patients that will increase both their understanding of and compliance with office and homecare procedures. Written in a direct and personal style, Experience Is the Best Teacher is an indispensable tool in any dental hygiene practice. Each copy of the book contains one sample copy of the patient information handout, Is This the Best Way to Preserve Your Teeth?.

ISBN: 0-85097-047-5
224 pp; 540 illus (519 color)

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