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Orthodontics with Fixed Appliances, Volume 6

Author(s)/Editor(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M. - Out of Print, eBook Available

Stock #: B8818

Categories: Orthodontics

© 1997


This is an illustrative-rich, case-study approach to treatment of common orthodontic conditions with full fixed appliances. It is based on extensive records of 30 patients followed for 10 25 years after the cessation of treatment. Included are not only successful results but poor results, increasing the educational value of the book. Illustrations include facial photographs (frontal, profile, and oblique), intraoral photographs, photographs of plaster models, and superimposed tracings of lateral cephalometric radiographs.

567 pp; 414 illus;

ISBN: 1-85097-044-0; 1850970440;
978-1-85097-044-6; 9781850970446;

Out of Print, eBook Available

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