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Orofacial Pain: From Basic Science to Clinical Management, Second Edition Out of print, eBook available

Author(s)/Editor(s): Sessle, Barry J.; Lavigne, Gilles J.; Lund, James P.; Dubner, Ronald (editors) - Out of Print, eBook Available

Stock #: B4580

Categories: Occlusion & TMD, Oral Medicine

© 2009


This revised and expanded edition highlights the importance of understanding the biologic and psychologic pain mechanisms to prepare clinicians who treat patients presenting with a variety of pain symptoms. In addition to presenting objective definitions and descriptions of pain and its physical effects, the authors include evidence-based research on how the pain experience may be influenced by genetics, gender, or individual psychosocial and health histories. Extending well beyond basic toothache and TMDs, this book covers pathologic conditions of surrounding orofacial structures and nonodontogenic pain disorders that may manifest as orofacial pain as well, including new chapters on headache and orofacial pain–related movement disorders. Chapters on management guide clinicians on how to develop practical and compassionate treatment plans based on logical evaluation methods, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate pharmacologic treatment, or how to decide when referral to other health care providers is warranted. A series of case studies demonstrates the effective application of this information to clinical situations.

ISBN: 978-0-86715-458-0, 9780867154580

264 pp; 95 illus/tables

Out of Print, eBook Available

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