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Principles of Esthetic Integration

Author(s)/Editor(s): Rufenacht, Claude R.

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Categories: Esthetic Dentistry

© 2000

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This book guides dental practitioners toward a better understanding of the art and science of esthetics by helping them to develop conscious knowledge of the various factors that affect it. The author describes and illustrates procedures for integrating dental restorations into the individual facial composition with respect to biological, functional, and esthetic requirements. Given patientsí increasing concern with esthetics, every practitioner, from general dentist to specialist, should acquire a solid and practical knowledge of the principles, criteria, and factors that generate beauty in dentofacial compositions.

ISBN: 0-86715-369-5
978-0-86715-369-9 , 9780867153699

248pp: 532 illus (532 in color)

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