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Tissue Integration in Oral, Orthopedic & Maxillofacial Reconstruction

Author(s)/Editor(s): Laney, William R. - Not Available

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Categories: Implant Dentistry

These Proceedings give an inside look into the state-of-the- science, procedures, and technology in the field of implantology. The Second International Congress on Tissue Integration in Oral, Orthopedic, and Maxillofacial Reconstruction has already grown to be a meeting of^considerable stature, drawing together internationally acclaimed experts in the field of implants as well as representatives from 23 countries to participate in an exchange of ideas. The objectives of this Second Congress were twofold: (1) to evaluate through scholarly presentations both the scientific and clinical aspects of intraoral and extraoral as well as orthopedic-tissue-integrated implants, and (2) to hold group discussions on current topics in the related basic and applicable clinical sciences. To meet the first objective, some 50 oral scientific presentations were made on topics such as the physical and chemical aspects of implant materials, characterization of the interface between living tissue and alloplastic surfaces, cell biology and biomechanics, orthopedic fixation, and patient selection and long-term clinical results. To meet the second objective, four consensus panels discussed topics regarding the broad areas of basic science and intraoral, craniofacial, and orthopedic applications of tissue integration. Their consensus reports are included in these Proceedings. In its endeavor to improve international communication and cooperative efforts in treating oral and paraoral defects with tissue-integrated prostheses, the Second International Congress has succeeded without doubt. The information contained in these Proceedings will therefore prove invaluable to oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, ENT surgeons, opthalmologists, plastic surgeons, general dentists, and basic scientists.

ISBN: 0-86715-251-6

Not Available

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