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Fundamentals of Esthetics

Author(s)/Editor(s): Rufenacht, Claude R. - Out of Print, eBook Available

Stock #: B2303

Categories: Esthetic Dentistry

© 1990


The purpose of this book is to present a simplified approach to esthetics, with the description of selected esthetic rules that can be used for simple and extensive restorative procedures. It includes a description of updated surgical procedures to restore esthetics in the periodontally compromised cases, tissue management, porcelain veneers, metal ceramic framework design, as well as a biologic approach to functional and esthetic occlusion.

372pp: 848 illus (804 in color)

ISBN: 0-86715-230-3
978-0-86715-230-2 , 9780867152302

Out of Print, eBook Available

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