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The Dentistís Guide to Atraumatic Extractions

Author(s)/Editor(s): Mason, William E.

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Categories: Multidisciplinary

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Traditional methods of tooth extraction involve raising flaps and luxating the tooth to force it out of the bone. This often results in significant trauma and ridge resorption, which can compromise future implant placement. In this book, the author details his atraumatic extraction technique, which relies on systematic removal of root structure to protect the socket from deformation and thereby maintain the patientís original jaw anatomy and facial structure. With the root space creation extraction technique (RSCET), root structure is removed to allow space for the remaining tooth structure to be maneuvered and manipulated instead of pushed into the adjacent bony walls, thereby protecting the bone from trauma and resorption. Every tooth in the mouth can be removed atraumatically, and this book shows every step of the process and the tools required, including tips on atraumatic anesthesia.

ISBN: 978-1-64724-139-1; 9781647241391

144 pp (softcover); 467 illus

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