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Quintessence 2015 Catalog: Practice Management
Practice Management

Dentistry with a Vision:
Building a Rewarding Practice and a Balanced Life

Gerald I. Kendall and
Gary S. Wadhwa

Dental practitioners and their staff will find this engaging story an easy and fun way to learn how to implement powerful, scientifically based project-management principles into their practice. It will help you to identify the few key issues that are holding you back; substantially increase your profits within weeks; treat more patients in less time without sacrificing quality of care; reduce waste, repeated work, and stress; improve relationships among the practitioners, staff, and outside service providers; work fewer hours while performing more of the kind of treatments you enjoy; increase referrals and patient demand; and develop an effective scheduling system.

200 pp (softcover); 10 illus; ©2009; ISBN 978-0-86715-489-4 (B4894); US $38

Success Strategies for the Aesthetic Dental Practice

Linda Greenwall and Cathy Jameson

Although esthetic care has been an important part of dentistry for many decades, very few practices do as much esthetic dentistry as they would like. When faced with trying to respond to esthetic demands of existing patients and expand services to potential patient populations, most clinicians need some direction. The purpose of this book is to provide dentists with the guidelines and strategies to grow the esthetic segment of their practice. The authors detail the many key elements of success, such as establishing a strategic plan, monitoring critical factors of the practice, developing a dynamic and productive team, implementing marketing, using a treatment coordinator, and understanding how to finance and schedule esthetic dentistry. In addition, each chapter is interspersed with informative interviews with some of the most successful esthetic dental practitioners from around the world and outstanding members of their team who offer unique insights into how their teams operate and what has made their practices succeed.


Mission, Vision, Goals • The Critical Factors • The Team • Internal and External Marketing • Communication Skills • The Business of Tooth Whitening • Treatment Planning and Diagnosis • Effective Case Presentation • The Role of Treatment Coordinator • Financing • Scheduling • The Hygienist’s Role in Promotion • Technology • Continuing Education

312 pp; 196 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-1-85097-221-1 (B8850); US $98

Dental Practice:
Get in the Game

Edited by Michael Okuji

This book is written for senior dental students and recent graduates on the verge of entering the exciting and sometimes bewildering business of dental practice. The introductory chapter helps readers examine their goals and objectives to determine their ideal career paths. Subsequent chapters address issues such as finding a first job, purchasing or starting a new practice, insuring a practice and oneself, communicating with patients and staff, understanding basic financial aspects of dental practice, complying with regulations, managing managed care, and formulating a business plan.

240 pp (softcover); 5 illus; ©2010; ISBN 978-0-86715-492-4 (B4924); US $48

Tough Questions, Great
Answers: Responding to
Patient Concerns about
Today’s Dentistry

Robin Wright

“Do you guarantee your work?” “Do you treat AIDS patients?” “How do you set your fees?” Furnishing technical information to patients isn’t enough; this book shows you how to provide trust-building responses. The format includes questions and answers, with explanations of what works, what doesn’t, and why.

152 pp (softcover); 8 illus; ©1997;
ISBN 978-0-86715-320-0 (B3202);
US $26

Ethical Questions in
Dentistry, Second Edition

James T. Rule and
Robert M. Veatch

This book presents clinical practice cases in which arguments can be made for differing courses of action or in which the obligations of the professional are in conflict; the reader is asked to determine the correct response to such conflicts.

340 pp (softcover); ©2004;
ISBN 978-0-86715-443-6 (B4438);
US $35

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