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Quintessence 2015 Catalog: Periodontics

Periodontal Diagnosis and Therapy

Giano Ricci

Effective periodontal and peri-implant therapies are based on the fundamentals: formulation of a correct diagnosis, accurate treatment planning, precision in clinical treatment, and appropriate follow-up. This beautifully illustrated text addresses comprehensive clinical periodontal treatment by detailing the nonsurgical and surgical therapies that can ensure the essential stability of the hard and soft tissues. Emphasis is placed on understanding the long-term behaviors of soft tissue and bone tissue as well as on providing expert clinical treatment to achieve successful long-term results.


Diagnosis and Treatment Planning • Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy • Gingival Surgery, Mucogingival Therapy, and Periodontal Plastic Surgery • Resective Bone Surgery • Regenerative Periodontal Therapy • Orthodontics and Periodontal Therapy • Endodontic-Periodontal Relationships • Periodontal Maintenance

752 pp; 3,100 illus (approx); ISBN 978-88-7492-191-1; US $340

Periodontal Review:
A Study Guide

Deborah Termeie

This comprehensive review manual provides all the information a prospective candidate needs to prepare for the American Board of Periodontology Qualifying Examination. Set in a question/answer format, the text provides complete yet succinct, evidence-based responses to questions with references to pertinent research. When appropriate, answers are provided as lists, tables, and with graphic design elements to aid in memorization and recall. The final chapter provides sample case presentations with questions to allow the reader to prepare for the protocol portion of the exam and offers helpful advice such as when a well-supported response based on sound rationale, rather than a specific answer, is required. A highly recommended resource.


Evidence-Based Dentistry • Periodontal Anatomy • Furcations • Epidemiology and Etiology • Pharmacology • Diagnosis • Prognosis • Occlusion • Nonsurgical Therapy • Surgical Therapy • Mucogingival Therapy • Regeneration • Implants • Inflammation • Oral Medicine • Oral Pathology • Lasers • Medical Emergencies • Treatment Planning

296 pp (softcover); 192 illus; ©2013; ISBN 978-0-86715-591-4 (B5914); US $68

Periodontal Regenerative Therapy

Edited by Anton Sculean

This book presents an overview of the use of contemporary regenerative techniques in the treatment of periodontal osseous and soft tissue defects. The authors present effective treatment paradigms that incorporate biologic concepts and biomaterial enhancements with predictable surgical techniques. A must-read for any practitioner with an interest in the rationale, possibilities, and limitations of regenerative procedures of periodontal therapy.

304 pp; 718 illus; ©2010;
ISBN 978-1-85097-158-0 (B9029); US $210

Glossary of Preventive
Dentistry and Periodontology (CD-Rom)

Edited by Niklaus P. Lang, Mariano Sanz, and William V. Giannobile

This electronic glossary, compiled by an international panel of experts in prevention and periodontology, contains more than 2,000 terms. The glossary offers straightforward definitions and pertinent scientific and clinical information about terms in the areas of anatomy and morphology, etiology, pathogenesis/immunology, peri-implant diseases, classification, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, radiology, nonsurgical therapy, surgery, reevaluation/maintenance, systemic manifestations/periodontal medicine, and clinical research/statistics. The glossary also features numerous photographs, illustrations, and tables to further elucidate the meanings of the entries. An exceptional resource for anyone needing to communicate in the clinical and scientific language of prevention and periodontology.

Available Fall 2014

Clinical Success in
Management of Advanced

Roger Detienville

This book presents approaches to treating advanced periodontitis that can be
tailored to each individual case. Numerous clinical cases illustrate the repair capacities obtained through the use of time-tested maintenance techniques.

120 pp (softcover); 202 illus; ©2005;
ISBN 978-2-912550-41-5 (B9303); $89 US $45

Successful Periodontal Therapy:
A Non-Surgical

Peter A. Heasman et al

©2004; ISBN 978-1-85097-074-3 (B8916); US $54

Periodontal Medicine: A
Window on the Body

Iain L. C. Chapple et al

©2006; ISBN 978-1-85097-079-8 (B8931); US $90

Understanding Periodontal Diseases: Assessment and Diagnostic Procedures in Practice

Iain L. C. Chapple et al

©2003; ISBN 978-1-85097-053-8 (B8903); US $54

Periodontal Diseases:
A Manual of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Maintenance

Hans R. Preus et al

89 pp; 64 illus; ©2003;
ISBN 978-1-85097-072-9 (B8827); US $50

Plastic-Esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery: A Microsurgical Approach

Otto Zuhr and Marc Hürzeler

The authors blend scientific knowledge and practical experience to provide a comprehensive overview of the principles, indications, and clinical techniques of plastic-esthetic periodontal and implant microsurgery. The microsurgical procedures presented in the book are explained step by step in meticulously illustrated case examples. Checklists for the necessary materials, instruments, and work steps are added to facilitate practical implementation of the microsurgical procedures. The authors provide instructions on how to manage all major complications for each procedure.

872 pp; 1,898 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-1-85097-226-6 (B9069); US $380

Mucogingival Esthetic Surgery

Giovanni Zucchelli

This beautifully illustrated book explains the art and science of esthetic surgical techniques on the mucogingiva around natural teeth and implants. The author shows how to diagnose and treat mucogingival defects, with detailed explanation of the diagnosis of and the surgical options for covering varying degrees of gingival recession. The text features protocols for the treatment and preparation of root caries and noncarious lesions as well as the surgical procedures to cover exposed root surfaces and increase the volume of the affected gingiva. Throughout, the author places special emphasis on minimizing patient recovery time and postoperative discomfort while achieving the patient’s esthetic goals to the best extent possible.

830 pp; 2,000+ illus; ©2013; ISBN 978-88-7492-171-3 (B9519); US $390

Periodontal Surgery:
A Clinical Atlas

Naoshi Sato

This atlas explores the options in periodontal surgery while emphasizing regenerative procedures. Many detailed clinical cases demon­strate therapeutic outcomes over time. Additionally, practical tips and summary tables allow for at-a-glance under­standing.

448 pp; 2,820 illus; ©2000;
ISBN 978-0-86715-377-4 (B3776);
US $268

Periodontics & Restorative
Maintenance: A Clinical Atlas

Naoshi Sato

504 pp; 3,179 illus; ©2009; ISBN 978-1-85097-194-8 (B9045); $340 US $170

Plastic-Esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery (DVD-ROMs)

Otto Zuhr and Marc Hürzeler

These DVDs showcase the exceptional minimally invasive microsurgical techniques featured in the best-selling book.

©2013; US $79 each

Volume 1: Autograft Harvesting

24 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-235-8 (C3016)

Volume 2: Gingival Augmentation with Autologous
Connective Tissue

29 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-236-5 (C3017)

Volume 3: Singular Gingival Recession Coverage

63 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-244-0 (C3018)

Volume 4: Multiple Gingival Recession Coverage

47 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-245-7 (C3019)

Volume 5: Esthetic Crown Lengthening

38 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-246-4 (C3020)

Volume 6: Horizontal Papilla Augmentation with Autologous Connective Tissue

17 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-237-2 (C3021)

Volume 7: Management of Extraction Sockets

77 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-238-9 (C3022)

Volume 8: Soft Tissue Augmentation Under Bridge Pontics

62 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-247-1 (C3023)

Volume 9: Defect Reconstruction and Concurrent Implant Placement

60 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-248-8 (C3024)

Volume 10: Implant Placement Using a Modified Roll Flap Technique

17 min; ISBN 978-1-85097-239-6 (C3025)

Periodontal Care, Second

Christoph A. Ramseier and Niklaus P. Lang

This tutorial conveys the essentials of periodontal disease management. The tutorial software encompasses diagnosis, treatment, recall, risk assessment, and aftercare.

©2008; English, German;
ISBN 978-3-87652-783-3 (C0101); US $118

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