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Quintessence 2015 Catalog: Pediatrics

What’s in Your Mouth? What’s in Your Child’s Mouth?

Douglas A. Terry

Health care providers have a responsibility to instill each new generation of patients with the importance of oral health care, and this book teaches pediatric patients and their parents the importance of proper brushing and flossing by showing what happens when children neglect their teeth. This hardcover book is two books in one. The first half (What’s in Your Mouth?) is written to introduce children to the importance of daily hygiene care, and fun tooth characters (Pearl and Cuspy) are present on each page to reinforce this message. The second half (What’s in Your Child’s Mouth?), on the flip side, provides parents with the information to guide their children’s oral health habits. This book is sure to enthrall and inform patients of all ages.

66 pp; 96 illus; ©2013; ISBN 978-0-86715-618-8 (B6188); US $29.50

Revolutions in Pediatric

Edited by Christian H. Splieth

As a cross-sectional discipline that involves treatment from all areas of specialization, pediatric dentistry relies on the implementation of important developments in every dental field. This book discusses the most recent innovations in dentistry with direct implications for pediatric treatment and explores the rationale behind advocated changes in clinical practice. Presented by an international group of recognized specialists in their respective fields, the topics include the latest on epidemiologic research, fluor­ide guidelines, caries diagnosis, options for non- and minimally invasive caries treatment, pain-free techniques for local anesthesia, endodontic treatment, use of space maintainers, and treating children in vulnerable populations. With a focus on systematic, evidence-based dentistry, this book presents the developments that will set the standards of tomorrow.

224 pp; 150 illus; ©2011; ISBN 978-1-85097-212-9 (B9064); US $98

Promoting the Oral Health of Children: Theory and Practice, Second Edition

Edited by Aubrey Sheiham, Samuel Jorge Moysés, Richard G. Watt, and Marcelo Bönecker

This new edition advocates for a paradigm shift in which dental and primary health care professionals work together in promoting the oral health of pediatric patients. Written by experts in dental public health and pediatric dentistry, it positions the subject of children’s oral health within the broader discourse of general health promotion and pre-sents practical strategies for prevention of common dental problems among children, including dental caries, periodontal disease, traumatic dental injury, and malocclusion. It also profiles community health concerns that influence pediatric oral health, such as environmental and social factors, habit development, and nutrition and diet.

250 pp (approx); 50 illus (approx); (B9998); Available Summer 2014

Periodontal Management of Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

Valerie Clerehugh et al

©2004; ISBN 978-1-85097-071-2 (B8917); US $54

Pediatric Laser Dentistry:
A User’s Guide

Giovanni Olivi, Fred S. Margolis, and Maria Daniela Genovese

This comprehensive text, the first to focus on laser applications in pediatric dentistry, reviews the fundamental principles of laser energy and demonstrates the essential therapeutic steps of laser radiation in conservative pediatric dentistry. Detailed explanations of the unique interactions of laser radiation with dental tissues—with a focus on the differences specific to primary and young permanent teeth—help clinicians take advantage of the many inherent benefits of laser energy, such as selective removal of carious tissue, preservation of healthy mineral structure, disinfection of prepared surfaces, excellent hemostasis, and improved patient comfort and compliance. The predictable clinical protocols for hard and soft tissue applications are detailed step by step with explanations on technique and suggested laser parameters, and the outcomes are illustrated in multiple case studies. This practical guide will inspire pediatric dentists who are new to the laser as well as those experienced in providing laser therapy to adults.

224 pp; 521 illus; ©2011; ISBN 978-0-86715-494-8 (B4948); US $168

Case Reports in Paediatric Dentistry

Edited by Evert van Amerongen, Maddelon de Jong-Lenters,
Luc Marks, and Jaap Veerkamp

This collection of pediatric dental case reports addresses a number of clinical problems and shows how well-known practitioners have solved them. Practical treatment strategies illustrate how to achieve the highest standards in clinical children’s dentistry. This book serves as a useful reference to help practitioners solve clinical problems related to pediatric patients.

144 pp; 270 illus; ©2009; ISBN 978-1-85097-196-2 (B9048); US $98

Paediatric Cariology

Chris Deery et al

©2005; ISBN 978-1-85097-073-6 (B8919); US $54

The Magical Tooth Fairies Series (Book/DVD sets)

Stories by Henry Olberg

Surely you’ve heard that tooth fairies collect baby teeth from under children’s pillows and leave a coin in return. But have you ever wondered what the fairies do with those teeth? Find out in the Magical Tooth Fairies series, as Lynn, Leo Lino, Basta, and Professor demonstrate the importance of keeping teeth clean and healthy. Follow the tooth fairies in their adventures all over the world as they help children. Based on a popular cartoon, each book in this series comes with a DVD of the corresponding episode, simultaneously entertaining and educating children on the importance of brushing their teeth.

Book 1—The Secret of the Magic Dust

In the first book, Lynn, Leo Lino, Basta, and Professor discover the magic found in baby teeth and build a tooth mill to make magic tooth dust. When evil McCavity learns of their discovery, he plots to steal the magic dust and destroy the mill with the help of his son, Dee Kay. The tooth fairies must find a way to defeat McCavity before all hope is lost.

38 pp (hardcover); ©2012; ISBN 978-0-86715-567-9 (B5679); US $15

Book 2—A Surprise in Mexico

The tooth fairies travel to Mexico to help a little boy who is chasing two parrots through the jungle who have stolen his first lost tooth. But the parrots are not the only ones after the shiny white tooth. Wicked McCavity and his son, Dee Kay, want it for themselves after making an unpleasant discovery about using tooth dust made from rotten teeth.

34 pp (hardcover); ©2013; ISBN 978-0-86715-568-6 (B5686); US $15

Book 3—A Tooth for a Teddy

In this story, a little boy does not want to go to school because he does not want to leave behind his teddy bear. But when he loses a tooth, the tooth fairies (followed by McCavity and Dee Kay) visit him and promise to grant his wish if he goes to school. Find out what happens to his tooth and what he wishes for!

34 pp (hardcover); ©2013; ISBN 978-0-86715-617-1 (B6171); US $15

How the Tooth Mouse Met the Tooth Fairy

Lizzette de Vries and Cecile de Vries;
Illustrations by Tul Suwannakit

Bobby is about to lose his first baby tooth, and he can hardly wait to leave it for Max, the Tooth Mouse. But before the wobbly tooth actually falls out, Bobby’s parents announce that the family is moving from South Africa to Canada! Will Max be able to find Bobby’s tooth all the way in Canada? Learn what happens when Max goes to Canada and comes face to face with Fia, the Tooth Fairy. This charming and delightfully illustrated book entertains as it teaches children the importance of brushing twice a day, and the colorful and delightful illustrations will have both kids and parents smiling and making new discoveries with every read. A perfect way to educate at home or in the waiting room.

32 pp (hardcover); ©2010; ISBN 978-0-86715-507-5 (B5075); US $15

Child Taming: How to Manage Children
in Dental Practice

Barbara L. Chadwick et al

©2003; ISBN 978-1-85097-062-0 (B8910); US $54

Treatment Planning for the Developing Dentition

Helen D. Rodd et al

©2006; ISBN 978-1-85097-081-1 (B8929); US $54

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