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The Long Climb: From Barber-Surgeons to Doctors of Dental Surgery

Philias Roy Garant

Unlike other books on the history of dentistry, The Long Climb: From Barber-Surgeons to Doctors of Dental Surgery outlines the personal struggles endured and victories achieved by the leading personalities of dentistry during its development from antiquity to the present. It showcases the courage and determination of dentistry’s pioneers while exposing the episodes of weakness and dishonesty that tarnished the image of the dentist. By highlighting the controversies surrounding major advances in dentistry—gold versus amalgam filling materials, operative versus mechanical dentistry, the relationship between medicine and dentistry, and the restriction of practice imposed by patents—this book gives life to the same old story, making this history book the most robust and entertaining of its kind.


Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages • The Middle Ages • The Renaissance • Birth of a Profession • Dentistry in Colonial America • The Birth of Dental Science • Professionalization of Dentistry in America • Exemplars of the New Profession • Mechanical Dentistry • Operative Dentistry • Discovery of Inhalation Anesthesia • Diseases of the Periodontium • Orthodontics • Oral Surgery and Oral Radiology • Defining the Ethics of Practice • Early Dental Research • The Gies Report and Beyond

496 pp (softcover); 223 illus; ©2013; ISBN 978-0-86715-649-2 (B6492); US $38

Oral and Intravenous Bisphosphonate–­Induced
Osteonecrosis of the Jaws: History, Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment, Second Edition

Robert E. Marx

While many clinicians currently recognize that bisphosphonate usage is associated with ONJ, this book establishes the causal relationship between the two. It presents definitive treatment protocols for patients who present at each stage in the progression of ONJ as well as a simplified staging system and information about the serum CTX test for oral bisphosphonate cases. The book offers a simple method for predicting risk as well as crucial recommendations for preventing the disease from developing when bisphosphonate therapy is indicated. Comprehensive case histories provide direct guidance in managing patients spanning the full presentation spectrum.

160 pp (softcover); 211 illus; ©2011; ISBN 978-0-86715-510-5 (B5105); US $75

Successful Local Anesthesia for Restorative Dentistry
and Endodontics

Al Reader, John Nusstein,
and Melissa Drum

Administration of local anesthesia is invariably the first step in any dental procedure, and it affects everything thereafter. If the patient is not adequately anesthetized, difficulties inevitably arise. This book will help you successfully anesthetize your patients using the newest technology and drugs available. It presents the rationale, advantages, and limitations of the various anesthetic agents and routes of administration. A special emphasis is placed on supplemental anesthetic techniques that are essential to the practice of dentistry.

174 pp (softcover); 207 illus; ©2011; ISBN 978-0-86715-513-6 (B5136); US $76

Defense From Within: A Guide to Success As a Dental Malpractice Defense Expert

Jeffrey A. Krompier

In this straightforward and highly informative book, an attorney with nearly 30 years of experience defending health care providers against malpractice suits offers dental clinicians essential advice and inside information regarding what it takes to be a successful defense expert witness. Those interested in taking on this challenge will discover the characteristics, skills, and assets that are required and determine whether they are well-suited for the role. From there, the text details the work involved in serving as an expert witness, such as case assessments and literature reviews, expert opinions, deposition testimony, and handling examination in the courtroom. Finally, the author offers helpful tips on building a curriculum vitae and marketing oneself as a defense expert witness, thereby providing the reader with all the tools required to enter into this unique service well prepared for success.

144 pp (softcover); ©2012; ISBN 978-0-86715-583-9 (B5839); US $42

Critical Thinking: Understanding and Evaluating Dental Research, Second Edition

Donald Maxwell Brunette

The second edition of this classic textbook prepares readers to identify the information they need, read it from a critical vantage point, and assess the soundness of the conclusions. It introduces issues of logic, statistics, mea­surement, research design, and argument. Invaluable for anyone who wishes to become a discerning reader of dental literature.

324 pp (softcover); 90 illus; ©2007; ISBN 978-0-86715-426-9 (B4269); US $48

The Oral-Systemic Health Connection: A Guide to Patient Care

Edited by Michael Glick

The current emphasis on disease prevention means that dentists are expected to promote the general as well as oral health of their patients. Over the past several decades, an impressive body of knowledge has accumulated about the impact of oral infections on overall health and well-being. New information is being published at a rapid pace, and clinicians must sort through sometimes conflicting findings. Written by distinguished experts in the fields of oral medicine, periodontology, epidemiology, and microbiology, this book gathers the latest scientific information on the associations between the oral environment and overall health. With careful analysis, the authors weigh the latest evidence about the relationships between oral infections and systemic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, pulmonary disease, inflammation, obesity, and complications of pregnancy. Other chapters focus on cutting-edge research into areas such as infectious disease screening, bioinformatics, targeted cancer therapies, and salivary diagnostics. This book will help readers to better understand current and future evidence on the associations between oral health and general health and enable readers to examine with a critical eye the claims made by scientists working on this subject. More importantly, readers will be able to apply this information clinically to guide treatment decisions and recommend preventive strategies, for the benefit of their patients.


Yiorgos A. Bobetsis • Wenche S. Borgnakke • Donald M. Brunette • Ilene Fennoy • Marcelo O. Freire • Robert J. Genco • Filippo Graziani • Barbara L. Greenberg • Ira B. Lamster • Robert E. Marx • Panos N. Papapanou • Douglas E. Peterson • Frank A. Scannapieco • Mary Tavares • Maurizio Tonetti • Thomas E. Van Dyke • Alessandro Villa • David T. W. Wong • Sook-Bin Woo

312 pp; 117 illus; ISBN 978-0-86715-650-8 (B6508); US $118

The Face: Pictorial Atlas of
Clinical Anatomy

Ralf J. Radlanski and
Karl H. Wesker

This book features elaborate composite illustrations created in layers, starting from the skeleton and working out to the surface of the skin. CT scans are used for the skeletal template, MRI series depict the inner layers of the facial region, angiographs report the anatomy of the blood vessels, and photographs of anatomical specimens as well as a living model fill out the rest. The final products are anatomical images of hyper 3D clarity and arresting beauty. Significant landmarks, anatomical details, and clinically relevant groupings of nerves and blood vessels are the primary focus of each image series to preserve clinical relevance.

366 pp; 406 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-1-85097-214-3 (B9072); US $178

Clinical Success in Impacted Third Molar Extraction

Jean-Marie Korbendau and Xavier Korbendau

This clinical manual presents the rationale and indications for third molar extraction along with comprehensive information on radiographic examinations, anesthesia, surgical protocol, and germectomy.

136 pp (softcover); 258 illus; ©2002;
ISBN 978-2-912550-18-7 (B9301); US $89

Sutures: The Oral Surgery
Suture Trainer (iTunes App)

Giulio Rasperini

This app provides exquisite 3D animations of suturing techniques used in periodontics and oral surgery. From the app menu, select the surgery suture you want to watch. Review the indications, advantages, and disadvantages of the technique before viewing the 3D animation. The perfect app for studying or refining suturing technique.

Available now through iTunes! US $10.99

At the Forefront: Illustrated
Topics in Dental Research and Clinical Practice

Edited by Hiromasa Yoshie

This volume brings together articles on the topics of bioscience and clinical science, punctuated with striking illustrations. The first half addresses scientific topics such as diagnosis of periodontal disease, tooth regeneration, tissue-engineered bone, correlation of periodontal disease with other conditions, and genetic diagnosis of drug-induced gingival overgrowth. In the second half, the focus is on clinical issues, including dentinal remineralization, whitening procedures, caries detectors, nerve injury, morphologic changes following tooth loss, and identification of vessels and nerves prior to implant placement.

108 pp; 188 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-0-86715-515-0 (B5150); US $98

Treatment Planning for Traumatized Teeth, Second Edition

Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi

Increased knowledge of treatment outcomes combined with better techniques, new materials, and innovative technology have led to improved diagnosis and management of dental traumatic injuries. This new edition emphasizes procedures aimed at assisting the natural healing process of the dental hard tissues, pulp, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone; where possible, invasive restoration, pulpectomy, and extraction are avoided. Key points related to examination and diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment procedures are described for specific types of dental trauma. New cases elucidate the most recent approaches to effective treatment of dental traumatic injuries, and the use of CBCT, which has dramatically improved diagnosis for traumatized teeth, is emphasized throughout.


Anatomical Considerations and Classification of Dental Trauma • Examination and Diagnosis of Traumatic Dental Injuries • Crown Fracture • Crown-Root Fracture • Root Fracture • Subluxation • Extrusive Luxation • Lateral Luxation • Intrusive Luxation • Transient Apical Breakdown • Avulsion • Trauma to the Primary Dentition • Trauma to the Supporting Structures

240 pp (softcover); 743 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-0-86715-511-2 (B5112); US $82

Dancing Hands

Herluf Skovsgaard

Quality and performance in dental practice depend on well-trained hands, and this book presents a new paradigm in manual training for dentists and assistants. Manual abilities are a fundamental part of clinical competence and are essential to chairside teamwork in the dental treatment room. However, acquiring this complex competence is too often left to individual experience and bad habits set over time. This book establishes a standard for manual competence, which can be learned and trained. The author outlines the 12 basic principles that underscore the postures, movements, workspace organization, and communication necessary to support the best working methods, decrease unnecessary fatigue, improve chairside assistance, and increase productivity. The dos and don’ts of practice, posture, and positioning equipment are all here.

296 pp; 672 illus; ©2013; ISBN 978-1-85097-263-1 (B9076); US $198

Atlas of Laser Applications in Dentistry

Donald J. Coluzzi and
Robert A. Convissar

This clinical atlas presents an overview of intraoral laser use followed by the indications and contraindications, special considerations, and relevant risks associated with procedures in each discipline.

230 pp; 477 illus; ©2007;
ISBN 978-0-86715-476-4 (B4764); $180 US $49.99

Suturing Techniques in Oral Surgery

Sandro Siervo

This book outlines suturing techniques for the most common surgical procedures, providing indications as well as techniques for implementation. The detailed illustrations and tables clarify difficult technical concepts, and a quick reference guide consolidates the essential information for each suture type.

240 pp; 397 illus; ©2008;
ISBN 978-88-7492-120-1 (B9509);
US $178

Quintessence Practice Live (DVD-ROM)

This 5 DVD-ROM box set provides unique and meticulously compiled film productions focusing on the work of daily practice. Experienced dental practitioners and technicians give valuable advice for others in the field. The series provides films from all relevant areas of dentistry in outstanding quality.


Endodontics • Surgery/Implantology • Restorative and Prosthetic Treatment • Pros-thodontics—Methods and Materials Science • Periodontology—Prophylaxis and Preservative Therapy

©2009; ISBN 978-3-87652-722-2 (C1206); US $248

Atlas of Cone Beam Imaging for Dental Applications, Second Edition

Dale A. Miles

CBCT is fast becoming commonplace in dental practices for every specialty, and this best-selling book has been updated to reflect the ways in which CBCT is being used by dental practitioners. The book introduces readers to the different ways of viewing CBCT data sets and guides clinicians in identifying familiar and unfamiliar anatomical landmarks in the three planes of section (axial, sagittal, and coronal). New to this edition are chapters presenting endodontic applications of CBCT, selected cases from radiology practice, and issues of risk and liability associated with capturing CBCT data. In addition, the anatomy chapter has been updated with many new illustrations and a new section on small-volume anatomy. Comprehensive case presentations demonstrate the diagnostic and treatment-planning capabilities of CBCT in its full range of applications while at the same time highlighting situations in which traditional radiographic imaging will suffice.


CBCT in Clinical Practice • Basic Principles • Anatomical Structures in Cone Beam Images • Airway Analysis • Dental Findings • Impacted Teeth • Implant Site Assessment • Odontogenic Lesions • Orthodontic Assessment • Orthognathic Surgery and Trauma Imaging • Paranasal Sinus Evaluation • TMJ Evaluation • Systemic Findings • Vertebral Body Evaluation • Selected Cases from Radiology Practice • Clinical Endodontics • Risk and Liability

408 pp; 624 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-0-86715-565-5 (B5655); US $142

Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine: Principles, Diagnosis and
Treatment Planning, Second Edition
(Book/DVD-ROM set)

Jörg Neugebauer and Joachim E. Zöller

Now available in an atlas format with enlarged illustrations, the original best-selling book on CBCT has been completely revised to cover the plethora of new developments since its publication. In the first part of the book, the authors introduce the basic principles of CBCT, how to optimize CBCT image quality, the system parameters for clinical applications, and relevant aspects of the anatomy of the facial skeleton. The second part provides case examples of relevant indications and findings to demonstrate the possible applications of CBCT in dental diagnosis and treatment planning. The third part discusses the use of CBCT in implant dentistry, particularly in conjunction with other CAD/CAM technology for implant treatment planning, bone augmentation, and surgical template fabrication as well as for postoperative evaluation and management of complications. Further instruction is included on the accompanying DVD-ROM with 30 CBCT data sets ready for analysis and discovery. A tutorial gives an introduction to the use of the software and the routine interpretation of CBCT images.

288 pp (approx); 523 illus (approx); Available Summer 2014

Dental Explorer 3D (DVD-ROM)

Wolfgang Kohlbach

This innovative DVD-ROM is the ideal tool for professional chairside communication and treatment planning with patients. The interactive real-time 3D models allow clinicians to illustrate the complete range of restorative options, make useful comparisons, and provide step-by-step demonstration of recommended dental treatment to their patients. Dental Explorer 3D also contains over 20,000 photographs and 3D models and features a wide range of implant treatments at the bone and tissue levels, including 26 outstanding 3D-animated video clips.

©2011; ISBN 978-3-938947-82-1 (C0703); US $1,395
Upgrade from version 2 (C0704): US $795 (Purchase will be charged at full price until the older version is returned)

User interface and videos can be set in six languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista SP1, or XP SP3 •
Mac OS Lion or Snow Leopard, Intel-processor with at least 2 GHz speed; 2 GB of RAM; graphics card with 512 MB of RAM or more, NVIDIA recommended; minimum screen resolution 1280
  1024 pixels, 24-bit color depth (True Color); sound adapter and speakers; DVD drive; Internet connection for registration.

3D Imaging in Dentistry: From Multiplanar
Cephalometry to Virtual Implant Surgery Planning

Giovanna Perrotti, Tiziano Testori, and Massimiliano Politi

The use of 3D imaging allows for superior analysis, more accurate diagnosis, and better awareness and precision in the selection of therapeutic treatments. The creation of volumetric reconstructions from CBCT scans offers further advantages. The aim of this book is to show how 3D imaging can be used in clinical applications. The authors provide the foundational information on volumetric radiology and outline the rationale for use as well as internationally validated protocols.

Available Fall 2014

Photography in Dentistry: Theory and Techniques in
Modern Documentation

Pasquale Loiacono and
Luca Pascoletti

This book presents guidelines for photographic documentation that will enable practitioners to produce images that faithfully convey clinical data. Precise instructions including the positions of the patient, assistant, and practitioner; camera settings and flash positions; aiming and focal points; and the types and positions of required accessories are detailed in the text and images, and an example of the desired final image is provided.

336 pp; 847 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-88-7492-169-0 (B9516); $160

iPad for Dentists: Digital Communication in Dentistry for the Patient and for the Team

Mario Imburgia

iPadentistry is an innovative approach to digital dentistry that simplifies the use of smile design protocols for chairside digital communication. The author demonstrates, step by step, how to apply the smile design technique in everyday cases as well as how to use this technique of visual communication to educate patients. Learn to encourage awareness and confidence in patients and how to increase their acceptance of treatment plans. Discover how this method can improve communication among the entire dental team.


Digital Communication in Dentistry • User-Friendly Technology • 5 Effective Tools • Ethical and Interactive Communication • WiFi Connection as a Business Tool • Photographic Equipment • Tablet and Display • Applications • Esthetic Previews for Simple and Complex Cases • Digital Tooth Library • The Paperless Dental Practice

168 pp; 383 illus; ISBN 978-88-7492-194-2; Available Early 2014

DentalAssist (iTunes App)

Edited by White and White

DentalAssist is an iPad App for taking and recording patient medical histories in a dental office. Additional patient notation includes options for esthetic corrections or quality of artificial dentition, among others. The records are documented in a PDF file and are confirmed by a signature. Clinicians can add their own comments or notes to the document. Finally, the document can be printed via AirPrint and stored in iTunes.

Available now through iTunes! US $33.99

Cell-to-Cell Communication: Osseointegration (DVD-ROM)

Bernd Stadlinger and
Hendrik Terheyden

This award-winning animation dramatizes the complex biodynamic process known as osseointegration. This film chronicles the four phases triggered in succession when a titanium implant is placed where a tooth has been lost. The accompanying booklet includes an article outlining the scientific documentation for the processes depicted in the film as well as the original film script and a quiz on the topics discussed in the film.

12 min; ©2011;
ISBN 978-1-85097-209-9 (C3006); US $98

Cell-to-Cell Communication: Inflammatory Reactions

Bernd Stadlinger and
Hendrik Terheyden

This animation depicts the highly complex processes of intercellular interaction during an inflammatory periodontal reaction. The various cell types use a finely tuned communication process in their quest to destroy the bacterial invaders. The accompanying booklet includes the original film script and a quiz on the topics discussed in the film.

15 min; ©2012;
ISBN 978-1-85097-231-0 (C3007); US $98

Cell-to-Cell Communication: Periodontal Regeneration

Bernd Stadlinger and Hendrik Terheyden

Available Summer 2014

Hypnosis and Communication in
Dental Practice

David Simons et al

280 pp; ©2007; ISBN 978-1-85097-116-0 (B8844); US $75

Dictionary of Dentistry:

Ana Verónica Franscini-Paiva

422 pp; ©2005; ISBN 978-84-89873-36-0 (B9602); US $72

Quintessence for the Dental Team Live (DVD-ROM)

This DVD-ROM provides information for the entire dental team:

Successful Diagnosis with Panoramic X-Ray Units • Sharpening Scalers and Curettes • Placing a Rubber Dam • Bleaching Trays Made With or Without a Thermoforming Unit • Bleaching: Rationally, Efficiently, Practically

©2005; ISBN 978-0-86715-387-3 (C1211); US $68

Dental and Craniofacial Applications of Platelet-Rich Plasma

Robert E. Marx et al

168 pp; 364 illus; ©2005; ISBN 978-0-86715-432-0 (B4322); $98 US $49.99

Infection Control for the Dental Team

Michael Martin et al

©2009; ISBN 978-1-85097-132-0 (B8944); US $54

Illustrated Guide to Aesthetic Botulinumtoxin Injections:
Basics, Localization, Uses

Michael Kane and Gerhard Sattler

This book provides a practical step-by-step guide to aesthetic botulinum toxin A injections in the face, including treatment of the forehead, glabella, brow, lower eyelid, bunny lines, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, cheeks, gummy smile, upper and lower lip, chin, neckline, and décolletage. Each aesthetic procedure is described in full from the patient examination through the suggested treatment protocol and is supplemented with procedural checklists. The text includes QR codes throughout that link readers to video sequences of each procedure. Detailed anatomical illustrations and photos highlight the pertinent muscles in each region as well as the target structures for injection, and case reports reveal the tips, pitfalls, and combination possibilities for each treatment.

170 pp; 260 illus; ISBN 978-1-85097-250-1 (D2501); US $195

Illustrated Guide to Chemical Peels: Basics, Indications, Uses

Mark G. Rubin, Nanna Y. Schürer, Luitgard G. Wiest, and Uliana Gout

This book outlines the steps for accomplishing successful chemical peels—whether superficial, medium, or deep. Starting with basic current knowledge, the authors review the essentials, including the different agents used and their formulae as well as the proper techniques to use. In addition, the authors explain the art of chemical peels by showing how to provide an optimal, individually tailored treatment that takes into consideration the skin quality of each patient. Procedures are detailed step by step, and numerous tables summarize key information for quick reference. Case reports demonstrate the efficacy and lasting results of this skin rejuvenation modality.

204 pp; 306 illus; US $195

Illustrated Guide to Percutaneous Collagen Induction: Basics, Indications, Uses

Matthias Aust, Svenja Bahte, and Desmond Fernandes

This illustrated step-by-step guide describes the application of percutaneous collagen induction, also known as medical needling. Combining impressive case histories, anatomical illustrations, and scientific data, the authors demonstrate the efficacy of the method in rejuvenating scars, lines, sagging skin, and stretch marks. Chapters cover the basics of the technique and indications for its use as well as each stage of treatment and patient management. The authors also highlight the latest devices and provide expert practical tips for patient treatment.

224 pp; 434 illus; ©2014; ISBN 978-1-85097-253-2 (D2532); US $178

Illustrated Guide to
Injectable Fillers:
Basics, Indications, Uses

Hema Sundaram,
Gerhard Sattler,
and Boris Sommer

This reference book serves as a guide to performing facial implantation and augmentation with fillers. The authors demonstrate how to use injectable fillers to rejuvenate skin in the most common areas: face, neck, and back of the hands. Each region is illustrated in detail to allow visualization of the target structures. The phases of treatment are presented in full, and case reports document the procedures used to address the midface, periorbital region, nasolabial folds, lips, marionette lines, forehead, and chin. The text includes QR codes throughout that link readers to video sequences of each procedure. In addition, the properties and applications of different types of fillers are summarized in product charts, and tips and checklists are included to ensure the best results for each technique.

192 pp; 375 illus; Available Fall 2014

Illustrated Atlas of Esthetic Mesotherapy: Active Substances, Dosage, Administration

Britta Knoll

Mesotherapy is a simple and effective method of esthetic treatment involving targeted microinjections of medicinal substances into the skin and connective tissues. This atlas introduces the practice of esthetic mesotherapy and arms clinicians with what they need to know to get started. Treatment sequencing is detailed for the most common therapeutic applications, including skin rejuvenation (mesolift), preventive skin toning (mesoglow), treatment combined with injections of botulinum toxin (mesobotox), hair loss treatment (mesohair), cellulite treatment, treatment of local fat pads (lypolysis), and other dermatologic indications. The clinical illustrations provide detailed step-by-step instruction, and the inclusion of case histories confirms the benefits and efficacy of this esthetic therapy.

138 pp; 215 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-1-85097-232-7 (D2327); US $178

Pictorial Atlas of Botulinum Toxin Injection: Dosage, Localization, Application, Second Edition

Wolfgang Jost

This comprehensive atlas, now in its second edition, presents all of the information necessary for botulin toxin use, including dosage, muscle action, localization, and injection technique. Designed for quick navigation, it details the treatment of 126 different muscles organized by body region, illustrating muscle action, injection sites, injection protocols, and injection techniques for each muscle. Revisions to this new edition include updated and refined illustrations and expanded product information.

294 pp; 556 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-1-85097-175-7 (D2204); US $198

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