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Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics

Volume 1—Esthetic Analysis: A Systematic Approach to
Prosthetic Treatment

Mauro Fradeani

This text provides a systematic approach to facial evaluation during esthetic treatment planning. Each chapter presents a different esthetic parameter involved in facial, dentolabial, phonetic, dental, and gingival analysis. This popular book is an invaluable tool for all clinicians practicing esthetic and restorative dentistry.

352 pp; 1,136 illus; ©2004; ISBN 978-1-85097-108-5 (B9504); US $258  

Interdisciplinary Treatment
Planning: Principles, Design,

Edited by Michael Cohen

This book articulates the process by which master clinicians treatment plan their cases. In the first part of each chapter, 18 of the world’s most respected clinicians share the key principles that guide their case-planning decisions. In the second part, they present the diagnostic findings of one of their own cases, invite the reader to treatment plan the case, then present their own plan and the actual treatment rendered along with large, full-color images. With the authors representing every specialty in dentistry—periodontology, orthodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery—this book demonstrates comprehensive treatment-planning principles from the perspective of every clinician.

568 pp; 1,350 illus; ©2008; ISBN 978-0-86715-474-0 (B4740); US $328

Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning, Volume II:
Comprehensive Case Studies

Edited by Michael Cohen

This second volume allows readers to learn by repetition through the presentation of additional cases treated by master clinicians from every specialty. Each chapter is introduced by the clinician, who provides the rationale for choosing the particular case, a suggested focus in treatment plan design, key elements to consider when planning the case, and what the reader can expect to learn from the process. The case presentations follow the format established in the first volume: Diagnostic findings and pretreatment images are presented first to allow the reader to develop a treatment plan, then the master clinician’s proposed treatment plan and account of actual treatment provided are detailed, accompanied by treatment and posttreatment images. This book provides the opportunity to learn through the experience of developing comprehensive treatment plans under the guidance of master clinicians.

536 pp; 1,226 illus; ©2011; ISBN 978-0-86715-501-3 (B5013); US $378

The Art of Passion:
A Photographic Journey

Edward A. McLaren

112 pp; 150 illus; ©2010;
ISBN 957-41-3740-6 (BC998); US $148

Volume 2—Prosthetic Treatment: A Systematic Approach to Esthetic, Biologic, and
Functional Integration

Mauro Fradeani and
Giancarlo Barducci

This second volume presents the procedural phases required to achieve optimal esthetics in fixed prostheses. Communication between the clinician and the technician is highlighted through a presentation of all clinical and laboratory procedures. Detailed clinical photographs and illustrations accompany each treatment phase.

600 pp; 2,500 illus; ©2008; ISBN 978-1-85097-171-9 (B9505); US $320  

All Ceramic Restorations:
Achieving Esthetic Excellence (DVD)

Mauro Fradeani

This program reviews the characteristics and the role of all-ceramic material in prosthodontics and describes factors that determine anterior esthetics in the natural dentition and in implant restorations.

60 min; ©2011; (C3100); US $99

The Science and Art of
Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Galip Gürel

This book guides the entire esthetic team in understanding the patient’s needs and formulating a treatment plan to address esthetic considerations as well as occlusal, periodontal, and functional requirements. It also discusses expanded­ PLV applications, minimally invasive tooth preparation, and impression techniques.

528 pp; 1,200 color illus; ©2003;
ISBN 978-1-85097-060-6 (B9008);
US $198  

Predictable Anterior
Aesthetics with Veneers—
Interdisciplinary Approach (DVD)

Galip Gürel

Esthetic excellence requires clinical expertise as well as effective interdisciplinary communication with patients, laboratory technicians, and specialists. This presentation will help clinicians understand the clinical steps and communication techniques to use minimal tooth preparation for optimal esthetic restoration.  

90 min; ©2011; (C3102); US $99

Veneer Visions

Oliver Reichert di Lorenzen

120 pp; 300 illus; ©2010;
ISBN 978-1-85097-200-6 (B9061); $138 US $69  

EVOLUTION: Contemporary Protocols for Anterior Single-Tooth Implants

Iñaki Gamborena and Markus Blatz

This book will open new paths for the treatment of single-tooth dental implants in the esthetic zone. Along the way, it will propel clinicians and dental technicians to the forefront of innovative implant protocols and contemporary clinical procedures while providing a concise overview of up-to-date scientific evidence. Lavishly illustrated and presented in a novel style, this book will take readers on a unique visual journey and provide a detailed, step-by-step guide to mastering anterior single-implant therapy.

Available Fall 2014

No Post, No Crown: Biomimetic
Restorative Dentistry—Science,
Common Sense, Experience

Pascal Magne

In this follow-up to the highly successful book Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition, the author discusses the biology, mechanics, function, and biomimetic principles of the adhesive revolution. Topics include laminate veneers, bonded porcelain, immediate dentin sealing, reversed crown restoration, “veneerlays,” and bonding on implant restorations.

109 min; ©2011; (C3104); US $199




Change Your Smile:
Discover How a New Smile
Can Transform Your Life,
Fourth Edition

Ronald E. Goldstein

Change Your Smile speaks directly to patients about the range of possibilities as well as the limitations of cosmetic dental treatment, arming them with the knowledge they need to communicate effectively with their dentists. This book invites readers to analyze their own smile and then observe how specific cosmetic procedures dramatically improved the appearance of actual patients who sought treatment for the same problem. Featuring abundant before-and-after photographs, detailed charts for side-by-side comparison of treatment options, and myriad fashion and beauty tips.

244 pp (softcover); 484 illus; ©2009;
ISBN 978-0-86715-466-5 (B4665);
US $29.50

Also Available in Hardcover:
ISBN 978-0-86715-488-7 (B4877); US $48

Bonded Porcelain
Restorations in the Anterior Dentition: A Biomimetic

Pascal Magne and Urs Belser

This book introduces a unique approach
to esthetic restoration of the anterior
dentition. Guided by the philosophy of biomimetics, the authors combine sound biologic principles with an overriding respect for the natural intact tooth to achieve esthetic satisfaction with bonded porcelain restorations. The reader will find all the information and step-by-step instruction needed to obtain the authors’ superior results, which are showcased throughout the book.

406 pp; 1,037 illus; ©2002; ISBN 978-0-86715-422-1 (B4225); US $189      

Inspiration: People, Teeth, and Restorations

Edited by Luiz Narciso Baratieri

This stunning atlas represents over 25 years of dedicated study into the optical behavior of teeth and restorative materials. Although the authors wow readers with dazzling photography throughout, this book moves beyond a mere clinical art book that only shows what is possible. The practical purpose of this book is to outline the clinical sequences of how to use composite resins and dental ceramics to achieve the optical characteristics observed so exquisitely in natural teeth. By blending art and dental science, the authors have created an ultimate textbook on dental anatomy and restorative dentistry that explores the underlying makeup of the layered structures of the teeth and reveals the techniques of how to meet the challenge of mimicking natural tooth.

482 pp; 1,672 illus; ©2012; ISBN 978-1-85097-229-7 (B9071); US $228

Esthetic Clinical Case Studies:
Dilemmas & Solutions

Irfan Ahmad

136 pp; 383 illus; ©2008;
ISBN 978-1-85097-172-6 (B8836); US $164

Aesthetic Dentistry

David Bartlett et al

©2005; ISBN 978-1-85097-077-4 (B8909); US $54   

Smile! Your Guide to Esthetic Dental Treatment

Douglas A. Terry

Many patients are unaware of the wide range of treatment options available for esthetic dental restoration and enhancement, and it is often difficult for them to visualize the change that is possible with such treatment. This book presents full-page images to show how various areas of the mouth can be restored and transformed to make the smile more esthetic. Before-and-after photographs of exceptional quality reveal the significant improvements that are possible with procedures as simple as crown lengthening, composite restoration, or veneers. Other topics include all-ceramic crowns, fixed partial dentures, connective tissue grafting, implant therapy, and esthetic contouring. The author also addresses tooth fracture and diastema closure, missing teeth, noncarious lesions, sealants, interproximal restoration, inlays and onlays, minor orthodontics, bleaching, and root canal therapy. Smile! Your Guide to Esthetic Dental Treatment is the perfect tool for showing patients how they can benefit from esthetic dental treatment.

54 pp; 131 illus; © 2014; ISBN 978-0-86715-667-6 (B6676); US $29.50

Esthetics of Anterior Fixed Prosthodontics

Gerard J. Chiche and
Alain Pinault

With superior color illustrations, this book offers principles and methods for achieving the best possible esthetic results. Learn how the restorative dentist works with the dental technician, the periodontist, and the orthodontist. As clear as it is comprehensive, this book is invaluable to the general dentist, the specialist, and the laboratory technician.

204 pp; 505 illus; ©1993;
ISBN 978-0-86715-258-6 (B2583); US $98

Veneer Restorations—Essential Steps for Esthetic Success (DVD)

Oswaldo Scopin

This presentation covers the essential clinical steps for esthetic ceramic veneers, including the use of photographic documentation, effective communication with laboratory technicians, and the most popular luting technique.

49 min; ©2011; (C3103); US $149

Tooth Whitening in Esthetic Dentistry

So-Ran Kwon, Seok-Hoon Ko, and Linda H. Greenwall

This two-volume guide describes the full range of professional tooth whitening procedures. In addition, the authors address the topics of sensitivity, maintenance of bleaching results, and over-the-counter bleaching products. Useful tools such as a whitening algorithm, patient questionnaire, and tooth shade evaluation protocol are provided. The accompanying Tooth Whitening Communication Tool is a collection of treatment photographs to help the clinician communicate the expected outcome of whitening procedures to the patient.

216 pp; 371 illus; ©2008; ISBN 978-1-85097-177-1 (B9036); US $168

Gingiva Colored Ceramics in
Esthetic Implant Dentistry

Harel Simon

This presentation discusses the importance of proper gingival architecture and demonstrates the use of gingiva-colored ceramics in esthetic implant dentistry.

61 min; ©2011; (C3107); US $99

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